Below Deck Season 9 Cast: What Happened To The Crew

Below Deck Season 9 Cast: What Happened To The Crew

Below Deck diehard fans certainly don’t have Below Deck season 9 on the top of their list of best seasons of Bravo’s yachtie reality TV franchise. But, being diehard fans, and because Below Deck season 11 introduces us to Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger‘s ex fiancée Paris Field as a replacement stewardess, they still need to know what happened to the Below Deck season 9 cast.

Season 9’s entertainment was overshadowed by the racial slur controversy between Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Chief Stewardess Heather Chase. Also, First Officer Eddie Lucas struggled with one less deckhand than what’s typical on a boat, not even having a bosun, which made the beloved Below Deck star look bad. Overall, fans found Below Deck season 9 boring and frustrating to watch.

We know Captain Lee Rosbach, Stew Fraser Olender and Chef Rachel Hargove are the only crew returning as part of the Below Deck season 10’s cast. But Below Deck fans don’t just want to know about returning crew. Here’s what happened to all the Below Deck season 9 cast after they departed from superyacht My Seanna.

What Chef Rachel Hargrove Is Up To After Season 9

Chef Rachel Hargrove Working A Service After Below Deck Season 9 Ended

Chef Rachel Hargrove working a dinner service as a professional private yacht chef after Below Deck season 9 & 10 (Instagram).

Hot-headed Chef Rachel Hargrove made her debut on the franchise in Below Deck season 8. Throughout her first season she wowed charter guests, but she also struggled with drinking too much and embarrassing herself on nights out. To top it off, she swore at Captain Lee and briefly quit the charter season when guests’ preference sheet requests were too absurd for her to meet.

But Chef Rachel returned to Below Deck season 9 and redeemed herself with viewers and Captain Lee. She stopped getting drunk and took her cuisine to new heights. The five-star culinary master also devoted time to helping out struggling crew members like Rayna and Stew Jessica Albert. At the end of the season Captain Lee sang her praises on the reunion episode.

After season 9 ended filming in St. Kitts, Chef Rachel continued working extremely hard as private and yacht chef. Her public profile exploded, including her Instagram following of over 230,000 fans and Twitter following of over 40,000. Chef Rachel also bought an old school bus she converted into a camper van to tour America. It looks like the put her Below Deck season 9 tip money to good use.

At the start of 2022, Chef Rachel underwent gall bladder surgery. She then went pretty quiet in February and March because she was working the charter season on Below Deck season 10. After filming wrapped up Chef Rachel got very active on social media in the summer of 2022. She fat-shamed Tyra Banks as revenge for her being called fat by the former America’s Next Top Model host back when the reality TV chef auditioned for the modeling show. Not too long after that controversy, Chef Rachel blew up on Bravo’s “bullies” and attacked the character of Southern Charm‘s Austen Kroll, who she met in Florida. She announced she was quitting Below Deck and Bravo for good and trashed the show on a podcast. Chef Rachel also created a subreddit to talk about her experience and expose bad things from working on Below Deck.

In what looks like retaliation, Chef Rachel’s previous arrest history leaked to the press.

Since then, Chef Rachel appears to be too busy cooking for rich clients to bother posting on social media too often. She’s repeatedly reconfirmed that Below Deck season 10 is her last season on the show. In 2023, Chef Rachel started doing standup comedy in Florida. She’s also working on motor superyachts Odessa as a charter chef.


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What Captain Lee Is Up To After Below Deck Season 9

Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach at BravoCon Well After Filming Below Deck Season 9 & 10

After Below Deck seasons 9 & 10 Captain Lee Rosbach attended BravoCon 2022 and 2023 (Instagram).

Captain Lee Rosbach, age 74, likes to live a pretty quiet life outside of his stardom as the face of Below Deck‘s flagship show. The “Stud of the Sea” spends most of his time off the show with his wife Mary Anne in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Last year Captain Lee and Mary Anne celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary at the luxurious Hawks Cay Resort. He also meets up from time to time with former Below Deck Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain. The duo even hosted a new show, Couch Talk With Captain Lee And Kate, which involved them watching Bravo shows together and giving color commentary.

Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Hanging Out With His Wife & Kate Chastain

Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach spending time with his wife and Kate Chastain in his home in Florida (Instagram).

Captain Lee missed the start of Below Deck season 9’s charter season due heart surgery for his AFib condition. In late 2021, he underwent spinal surgery for severe spinal stenosis. His many health issues continued to plague him while filming Below Deck season 10. He was replaced by Below Deck Med‘s Captain Sandy Yawn for much of season 10 due to back issues from his surgery. Unfortunately, Bravo decided to put Captain Lee into forced retirement after season 10. Below Deck Adventure and Australian Captain Kerry Titheradge replaced Lee on season 11, but that didn’t slow him down. He’s the host of a new show called Deadly Waters, which looks at murders on water and will be released on the TV network Oxygen in late 2024.

Captain Lee’s also hosting a podcast called Salty with Captain Lee, in which he and his personal assistant talk about Bravo shows. He also reveals secrets about filming Below Deck.

The OG Below Deck captain likes to engage with his fans on his Instagram and Twitter profiles still. He regularly answers fans questions on Twitter.

Captain Lee also continues to enjoy riding his motorcycles throughout the state of Florida, as well as golfing. He also spends time advocating and donating time and money to raise awareness about drug addiction in honor of his late son who died of a drug overdose. Find out more about what happened to Captain Lee after Below Deck seasons 9 and 10 here.

What Happened To Below Deck Star Eddie Lucas After Season 9

Eddie Lucas With His Puppy Dog After Below Deck Season 9

Eddie Lucas with his new puppy dog while promoting travel website Dockwa (Instagram).

OG Below Deck star Eddie Lucas didn’t have the best time on season 9. He got dealt a pretty bad hand. First of all, he had a very green deck crew and was lacking the proper four deckhands needed to take care of the exterior of the size of yacht on the show. On top of that, he had to deal with insubordination from Rayna while also trying to address her complaints about Heather repeating her use of the N-word.

Captain Lee seemed to have soured on Eddie by the end of the season because of his failings at leadership. In turn, Eddie soured on Bravo and show production, trashing the “peanuts” the network pays Below Deck stars. Eddie spoke out negatively about the network after he wasn’t invited back for season 10.

That said, Eddie and Captain Lee reconciled their differences enough that Captain Lee invited Eddie to Below Deck fan meet-up at the start of October titled “An Evening With Captain Lee And Friends”. In early 2024, Eddie and Captain Lee reunited on the latter’s podcast.

Below Deck Stars Captain Lee, Eddie Lucas & Colin Macy-O'Toole At A Fan Meet And Greet

Below Deck stars Captain Lee, Eddie Lucas & Colin Macy-O’Toole at a fan meet and greet (Instagram).

The former Below Deck deckhand, bosun and first officer returned to his job working on a tugboat in Baltimore after season 9 ended filming. Eddie is now the captain on the tugboat he works on in Blatimore’s harbor.  Eddie, age 38, also settled down with his Brazilian-Japanese girlfriend Natalie Inada. Natalie has a green card and moved from New York City to live with Eddie in his new home he bought in early 2022.

Below Deck Star Eddie Lucas With His Girlfriend & New Home

They live with their young Red Fox English Labrador dog, Bert LR Lucas.

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas with his girlfriend Natalie and their dog Bert in Baltimore (Instagram).

Below Deck star Eddie Lucas with his girlfriend Natalie and their dog Bert in Baltimore (Instagram).

Eddie and his girlfriend appear quite serious compared to his previous relationships. Fans can find out more about what Eddie has been up to since season 9 here.

What Happened To Deckhand Rayna After Season 9

Rayna Lindsey Modeling Designer Clothes Back In Her Home State Of Minnesota

Below Deck season 9 Deckhand Rayna Lindsey decided to quit drinking after being appalled by her behavior on the show. She realized she drank as a coping mechanism for her anxiety. On Nov. 16, 2022, Rayna celebrated her first year of sobriety. She also quit smoking in 2022, too. At the end of that year, Rayna finally quit smoking marijuana, too. Rayna now advocates and raises awareness for alcoholism.

After season 9 aired, Rayna called out Below Deck production for staging scenes like her hooking up with Jake Foulger. She also trashed Eddie for allegedly trying to assassinate her character.

Rayna, age 29, continues to keep herself productive as she builds a better life for herself, which doesn’t include partying. She works out almost daily and now and has a bodybuilder physique. The Minnesotan was also taking pole lessons as part of exercise regiment. It’s unclear if Rayna still has ambitions to be famous. It’s unlikely, because Rayna is now a devout Christian who just recently got Baptized. Most of her posts are now about Jesus Christ. She also finally ended things with an on-again-off-again boyfriend of seven years, saying she’s now practicing abstinence and waiting until marriage to sleep with another man.


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Rayna also became an entrepreneur as a licensed and certified lash technician at her business called ASE Beauty Bar. She’s also learning Spanish and wants to move back to Mexico one day. Fans can follow Rayna on Instagram and TikTok to see her latest posts. Here’s more on what happened to Rayna Lindsey after Below Deck season 9.

What Happened To Deckhand Wes After Below Deck Season 9

Wes O'Dell Sailing His Sailboat Nightwind II After Below Deck Season 9

Below Deck season 9 Deckhand Wes O’Dell returned back to Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He owns his own sailboat, Nightwind II, where he’s a captain. Although things didn’t work out between Stewardess Jessica Albert and Wes, he still found love through his Below Deck experience. Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 star Gabriela Barragan went to work for Wes at the beginning of February of 2022. The two began dating and fell in love while sailing days charters together on Nightwind II.

BDSY: Gabriela Shoots Down Wes Breakup Rumor After Chef Ryan Pic

Wes’s Instagram shows he likes to spend time having fun with his friends and family. Gabriela and Wes ended up in a long-distance relationship after she left working on his sailboat to work on superyachts again. In July 2022 Gabriela, age 35, and six years older than Wes, told Showbiz Cheatsheet, “And I’m into yachting because, first of all, the money. And the free travel. So we’re doing the best we can. But, we love each other, and we know that we’re really good friends. So if it doesn’t continue romantically, when I go back to work full time, no one’s feelings are going to be hurt. We’re going to support each other from afar. And it’s going to be fine.”

Wes O'dell partying at a carnival recently

Wes O’dell partying at a carnival recently (Instagram).

In the past several months the couple haven’t posted pictures together. Gabriela sparked breakup rumors after she posted a selfie getting close to Below Deck Down Under‘s infamous Chef Ryan McKeown. However, Gabi quickly shot down the rumors Wes and her broke up. However, Wesley’s Instagram doesn’t have any of their pictures as a couple up anymore and they don’t follow each other on Instagram. Although his apparent ex still visits the US Virgin Islands, Gabriela now mostly goes on motorboats and the two don’t seem to interact.


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What Happened To Lead Deckhand Jake After Season 9

Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger Traveling In Indonesia After Below Deck Season 9

Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger traveling in Indonesia in the fall of 2022 after Below Deck season 9 (Instagram).

Lead Deckhand Jake Foulger was wild on Below Deck season 9. He fooled around with Rayna and Fraser, and also tried to hook up with Heather. Almost every crew night out he got rip-roaring drunk, and often lost all of his clothes. Meanwhile, he seemed to be dishonest about his ex girlfriend and fiancée Paris.

Below Deck Star Jake Foulger With His Dad & Brother

Below Deck star Jake Foulger with his dad and brother (Instagram).

After Below Deck season 9 wrapped up filming, Jake moved back home with his dad in the UK. He opened up about suffering from mental health issues and depression. He said it was unrelated to his time one the show, but he declined to participate in the reunion episode. Below Deck fans poured out their support for the Bravo star. He also revealed to friends in late 2021 that his girlfriend broke up with him, but it was unclear if it was his ex girlfriend Paris Field he was dating while filming the show.

Jake seemed to be in better spirits in the latter part of 2022. He traveled for awhile in Bali, Indonesia, according to Jake’s Instagram. Jake also started an OnlyFans account where he makes “saucy onshore content“. Jake also traveled to Australia, Hong Kong, and Paris, France. Otherwise, he likes hanging out the pubs with his mates and spending time with his family. He also remains good friends with Fraser.

Fans can also request a Cameo video shoutout from Jake for $30. Hind out more about what happened to Jake after Below Deck here.

What Chief Stew Heather Chase & Kaylee Are Up To After Below Deck Season 9

Below Deck Season 9 Chief Stew Heather Chase Celebrating Her 27th Birthday With Co-Star Kaylee & Friends

Below Deck season 9 Chief Stew Heather Chase celebrating her 27th birthday with former co-star and bestie Kaylee Milligan and friends (Instagram).

After her controversial debut as chief stewardess on Below Deck season 9, Heather Chase returned home to Hawaii and then continued her career in yachting. Below Deck season 9 stew replacement and Heather’s best friend Kaylee Milligan worked on the same superyacht as her for the 2022 season.

Below Deck Season 9 Star Heather Chase Kissing Her boyfriend David On Halloween

Below Deck season 9 star Heather Chase kissing her boyfriend David on Halloween (Instagram).

Despite Heather not getting casted in Below Deck season 10, she still ended up working as a chief stew in Saint Lucia, around the same time that season filmed. She even ran into former co-star Chef Rachel at one point. Heather’s Instagram and Kaylee’s Instagram show they had a lot of fun serving rich charter guests gourmet food and planning themed nights.

Heather also started dating a new guy named David, who just so happened to be a yacht captain, while working in the Caribbean. She turned age 29 on July 1, 2023, which makes her zodiac sign Cancer. Her astrological sign explains her sensitive, protective nature.

Below Deck Season 9 Chief Stew Heather Chase Kissing Her Boyfriend David

Below Deck season 9 Chief Stew Heather Chase kissing her boyfriend David (Instagram).

Heather and her boyfriend with their pet dog they got together

Heather and her boyfriend with their pet dog they got together (Instagram).

Heather and her new boyfriend hung out in Seattle together and dressed up as Harley Quinn and the Joker for Halloween in 2022.

Back in the spring of 2022 Heather vacationed in Tulum, Mexico. At the start of October, Heather and Kaylee partied in Las Vegas, Nevada. The next year, in 2023, Heather retired from yachting for good. It looks like she changed her career path to start running and hosting events. She also talked about cutting people out of her life who weren’t positive. Heather and Kaylee no longer follow each other on Instagram, so they may have had a falling out. Meanwhile, Kaylee also found a guy she’s now in long-term relationship with. She still works as a yachtie, too.

Fans can find out more about what happened to Heather Chase after Below Deck season 9 here.

Kaylee Milligan and her boyfriend at a concert

Kaylee Milligan and her boyfriend at a concert (Instagram).

Stewardesses Kaylee & Heather Partying In Las Vegas

What Happened To New Chief Stew Fraser Olender After Season 9

Chief Stew Fraser Olender On Superyacht St David On Below Deck Season 10

Chief Steward Fraser Olender on superyacht St David on Below Deck Season 10 (Bravo).

Below Deck season 9 Steward Fraser Olender got promoted to chief steward when he worked on another superyacht in the Mediterranean after the show ended filming. The posh Brit globetrotter also managed to travel to New York, Aspen, France, Monaco Yacht Club, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Dubai, Saint Lucia, Mauritius, and Morocco in the past couple of years. He shares much of his luxurious lifestyle of travel on his Instagram.

He celebrated his 30th birthday throughout most of the month of October, but it appears he turned age 31 on or near October 22, 2023. His zodiac sign is Libra, which explains his need for balance and organization. Since filming and starring on both Below Deck season 10 and Below Deck season 11, Fraser dated a charter guest named Steven he met in Grenada while filming the latest season. However, it doesn’t look like that relationship lasted very long, but he’s now in a committed relationship with another guy. He’s shared photos of their trip together in South Africa in late 2023, but he hasn’t publicly announced exactly whom he’s dating.

Below Deck season 10 Chief Stew Fraser Olender Partying In LA

Below Deck season 10 Chief Stew Fraser Olender partying in LA with Below Deck Med stars Courtney Veale and Zee Dempers (Instagram).

Fraser also found time to party with Below Deck Med season 7 stars Zee Dempers and Courtney Veale in LA in the summer of 2022. Returning to LA in 2023, Fraser spent time with his good pal and season 10 co-star Hayley De Sola Pinto. Find out more about what happened to Fraser Olender after Below Deck season 9 here.

What Happened To Stew Jessica Albert After Quitting Season 9

What Happened To Jessica Albert After Below Deck Season 9

Stewardess Jessica Albert wearing a bob after Below Deck season 9 (Instagram).

Below Deck season 9 Stew Jessica Albert felt bullied and excluded by Fraser and Heather while aboard My Seanna. She quit near the end of the charter season due to anxiety and losing a lot of weight while filming the show.

Since starring in Below Deck season 9, Jessica works in Boca Grande, Florida as a sales and catering manager at a hotel resort. She also still works as a freelance yacht stew and makes crafts in her spare time.

Although Jess doesn’t post on her Instagram often, she did post a story of her kissing a mystery guy who may be her boyfriend.

Jess lives a pretty quiet life otherwise. Fans can find out more about what happened to Jessica Albert after Below Deck season 9 here.

What Happened To Captain Sean After Appearance on Below Deck Season 9

What Happened To Captain Sean Meagher After Below Deck Season 9 Appearance

Captain Sean Meagher working in the arctic as a captain after Below Deck season 9 appearance (Instagram).

Captain Sean Meagher subbed in for Captain Lee at the start of the Below Deck season 9 charter season. Fans and Eddie found him to be a bit stern with the crew and very particular in how he wanted things done.

Captain Sean continued to work as a captain of vessels. His Instagram documents his many adventures sailing around the world. In the summer of 2022 he headed an expedition up through the arctic from Boston to Greenland delivering a boat. He documented each leg of his trip, including sailing past icebergs! Captain Sean claims the real excitement and adventure is on his IG, not on Below Deck Adventure. After dropping off the boat in Greenland, Captain Sean headed to Iceland.

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