Physical 100’s Jung Ji-Hyun: Wrestling Medals, IG, YouTube, More

Physical 100's Jung Ji-Hyun: Wrestling Medals, IG, YouTube, More

Short but mighty, Jung Ji-hyun is another respected elder on Physical 100. The former world champion Olympic wrestler is overshadowed for now, but he is a Quest 2 team leader. If his team wins on one of the upcoming episodes, he will get a lot more screen time. We’ve seen him place an impressive 13th out of 100 in the running pre-quest and dominate the cage in his deathmatch. Indeed, Netflix Korea has showcased unseen footage of Physical 100’s Jung Ji-hyun‘s fierce battle with CEO Ahn Seong-hwan. Jung could have selected anyone from the bottom 50, but he picked the #30 seeded Ahn.

Jung started by snatching the ball and then throwing it away and grappling Ahn into submission, flipping him around effortlessly. He even approached Ahn with the ball under one arm. To his credit, Ahn spent the entire 3 minutes trying and almost succeeding once to wrench the ball away.  Jung spent the last few seconds in an invincible turtle position with the ball tucked underneath him. After this wrestling clinic, Jung celebrated with a ferocious yell, but will his journey end in the maze?

Physical 100‘s Jung Ji-Hyun: YouTube, IG, Olympic Win, Physical 100 Friends, Hobbies

Wrestler Jung Ji-hyun hanging out with Korean Thanos Kim Min-su

Wrestler Jung Ji-hyun hanging out with Korean Thanos Kim Min-su (Instagram).

The more respected you are on Physical 100 season 2, the more competitors will come to train with you. And as Jung’s YouTube channel clearly shows, he’s got not trouble lining up workout partners. Jung is broadcasting to an audience of 13,500 subscribers. He outmaneuvers Jo Jin-hyeong, shows his techniques against arm wrestlers, and grapples with two boxers at once. Jung’s videos are helpfully closed-captioned for an English speaking audience and showcase his coaching skill. In fact, after famously winning the gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling in 2004, Jung’s main hustle is coaching other athletes.

The instruction continues on Jung’s IG account, although it’s not nearly as prolific with 3,263 followers. Still, Jung keeps up the self-promotion, talking about his new gym, the Gym Of Wrestler, and showing fans how to escape being grabbed. It’s also where you can see that Jung is real-life friends with the massive Kim Min-su, aka Korean Thanos. Jung doesn’t shy away from active competition either, participating in the International Ki Sports Festival in Busan for 2023. When Jung isn’t training or inaugurating the Korean Youth Wrestling Federation he can be found at sea, fishing or boating.

Physical 100‘s Jung Ji-Hyun: Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Other Medals

Not a lot is known about Jung’s personal life, but we do know his birthdate, age and zodiac sign. According to this database of Olympic athletes, Jung was born on  March 26, 1983. This means he is about to turn 41, but he is 40 as of this writing. And, he is a super-competitive Aries. It seems that he has won two more gold medals and a silver at the Asian Championships. He also has two bronzes from the World Wrestling Championships. Though this article details his struggles with winning medals, he did win another gold medal, his last, at the Incheon Asian Games in 2014. The article does reference children, as he gave this medal to them.

Whatever Jung’s final placement on Physical 100 is, he’s earned the respect of his nation.

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