Physical 100’s Justin Harvey: Acting Roles, Awards, Fashion, IG, Age, More

Physical 100's Justin Harvey: Acting Roles, Awards, Fashion, IG, Age, More

Another foreign competitor on Physical 100 season 2, actor Justin Harvey has done shockingly well against native-born contestants. He finished 26th in the grueling Pre-Quest 0, in front of many nationally ranked athletes. Then, he convincingly won his deathmatch against singer Jeon Jong-Hyuk. He’s also made a good impression on the other competitors, earning the nickname of “Kingsman” upon his entrance in episode 1. Although some fans have mixed him up with big-time actor Justin Hartley, he’s not the actor from This Is Us, he just has a similar name and is also an actor. So, how will Justin fare in the Capturing The Maze challenge? His team, captained by another actor, Lee Jae-Yoon, hadn’t gotten the chance to compete on the show yet after four episodes. Can Physical 100‘s Justin Harvey surprise us yet again?

However the team is composed of two actors, a physical education teacher, an MMA fighter and an arm wrestler. While many of the elite teams have already competed, this random group will have to use their skills in a unique way to win. While Justin continues to hang under the radar, let’s review what we know about him.

Physical 100‘s Justin Harvey: Acting, Language, Birthplace, Age, Birthday, Horoscope, Hiking Hobby, Yoga, Other Sports

Justin Harvey acting in Witcher 2

Justin Harvey acting in Witcher 2 (Instagram).

Justin John Harvey is best known for his part as Tom in The Witch Part 2: The Other One.   The South-African born Harvey has acted in several Korean movies, demonstrating a flawless grip of the language. Born on March 27, 1991 in Bloemfontein, he was a model and earned a law degree before acting. This makes Justin a charismatic and and competitive 32-year old Aries. Apparently, he is the best known foreign actor in Korea, specializing in action roles and participating in comedies too.

However his acting skills aren’t what got him on Physical 100 season 2. Justin loves physical activity and being outdoors, which is clear from his Instagram account with a respectable 11,800 followers as of writing. The first thing you notice is that Justin is an extremely avid hiker and loves to head up into the mountains with just a rucksack. A typical hike for Justin is 20 kilometers (close to 12.5 miles) with a 20 kilogram (44 pound) sack on his back. While there he will fast for a day and a half, leave his phone, plunge into frigid water and do breathing exercises and meditation. Justin is a disciplined yoga practitioner as well, and will hit the beach with surfboard in hand or try windsurfing. He is currently not in a relationship, and responds jokingly to a comment that he has no kids “that he knows of.”

Physical 100‘s Justin Harvey: Fashion, Motorcycle, Diplomacy, Place of Residence, Award

Physical 100 season 2 contestant Justin Harvey in Seoul

Physical 100 season 2 contestant Justin Harvey in Seoul (Instagram).

Justin knows how to clean up, earning his Kingsman moniker with clothes from Balenciaga and H&M. He’s quite close with the South African ambassador to Korea and has met the Afghan and Qatari ambassadors to Korea. He was present for the opening of a Cathay Pacific flight route from South Africa to Seoul. Since he can be seen around many Seoul landmarks, it can be assumed that he lives there.

Justin seems to lean into his superhero persona, calling himself “Captain South Africa” and showing off his signature red motorcycle. In a definite hero moment, he was honored by Seoul mayor Oh Se Hoon with the “Honorary Citizenship” award. He earned the award for preventing a suicide, and he is the first person from South Africa to win the award. If Justin can hang on through a couple more challenges, he could emerge as a standout of this season.

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