Below Deck’s Jake Foulger: All You Need To Know About The Lead Deckhand

Jake Foulger Rocking A Villain's Moustache
Below Deck season 9’s Jake Foulger in the galley of the My Seanna (Screenshot, Bravo).

Below Deck‘s moustache-maniac Jake Foulger fancies himself a bit of ladies man and raconteur, and so far in season 9 he’s made quite an impression. Whether it be kissing Captain Lee, Deckhand Rayna Lindsey and Second Stew Fraser Olender, or getting the attention of Chief Stew Heather Chase, everyone can’t get enough of wild Brit. It’s gotten to a point where episode 7 is titled “Plenty of Jake to go around”.

So who is the wild-whiskered Jake Foulger? Here’s everything Below Deck fans need to know.

Jake’s Relationship With ‘Fiance’ Paris

Jake Fougler claims he has a fiance at the end of episode 4. Rayna, who had been making out with him that night, wasn’t too pleased to find out he was engaged.

The next morning he explains his fiance’s name is Paris and a picture of a stunning blonde model is shown on screen.

Below Deck's Jake Foulger's 'Fiance' Paris
In episode 5 Jake Foulger explains that he is engaged to his Australian fiance Paris Field to help her stay in England (Screengrab, Bravo).

“She’s my fiance, but she’s not my girlfriend. I’m non-monogamous baby,” he explained to Rayna and Eddie Lucas.

It turns out Jake’s alleged fiance is his Instagram friend Paris Field, first reported by Distractify.

“She’s my mate, she needs a British passport.”

His “mate” or “fiance” Paris, age 26, is living an influencer’s life, traveling across the globe, posing with luxury cars, and bathing in the sun on beaches. She also has yachting experience in the Caribbean and is currently based in Tulum, Mexico.

“I really care for Paris, I know she really cares for me. But we’re nowhere near ready for marriage.”

It’s unclear if Jake just said they were engaged to get attention. But his claim they need to be engaged for her to stay in England doesn’t hold water. Unless it was some way for her to travel to England during the pandemic. Otherwise, Paris’ home country Australia is part of the British Commonwealth, and thus makes it easy for Australians to go to the UK.

Later in season 9, Jake’s lying about his relationship with Paris becomes clearer.

Jake’s Age & Personality

“She understands what I’m like. And she knows I’m going to be doing all this crazy sh**,” Jake explains about Paris understanding his player mindset. “I Just feel like I’ve got to spread all the love, all the love baby.”

Jake Foulger Shocked By Wind
Below Deck’s Jake Fougler shocked the wind blew off a giant trampoline right in front of him (Screenshot, Bravo).

Jake clearly isn’t ready to settle down and likes to live a bachelor’s lifestyle with his mates. The boisterous guy also has a softer side as an artist though.

Bosun Jake Foulger's Artwork
Jake Foulger shares some of his artwork on Instagram (Screenshot, Jake Foulger).

He’s also a fan of podcaster Joe Rogan, the NBA (watching a Miami Heat game with friends while traveling in Florida) and British boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. he also has two tattoos, one of a bird and the other of a dagger with a snake on it. He’s also called himself “Jake the snake.”

For work, he also does landscaping outside of his job as a deckhand, before getting the promotion to lead deckhand on the My Seanna working for Captain Lee.

Before going on Below Deck, Jake actually used to be completely clean shaven.

Judging by Jake’s Instagram, he also likes to drink pints with his mates at the pub, but that shouldn’t be a surprise at this point to Below Deck fans watching season 9.

Jake’s Age & Relationship Status

There’s no indication Jake, age 27, is currently dating anyone. Although Rayna and Heather Chase may be interested judging by the flirting that’s been going on, and their Instagram comments. However, his “non-monogamous” mantra, Jack-Sparrow-like nonchalance and drinking might mean the single life is probably best suited for him.

He also loves to travel, most recently spending time in Florida.

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