Below Deck: Who is Charter Guest Michael Cadez, Breast Cancer Survivor

Primary Charter Guest Michael Cadez
Primary Charter Guest Michael Cadez brought family and friends to celebrate his recovering from breast cancer (Screengrab, Bravo).

Primary charter guest Michael Cadez made his debut on Below Deck season 9 on episode 7. The charter has boob-themed festivities to celebrate him beating breast cancer the previous year. (Perhaps it’s apt the episode revolving around breasts is titled “Plenty of Jake to go Around” since Jake Foulger is a bit of a ladies’ man.)

Michael Cadez Survived Fight with Cancer

Near the beginning of episode 7, First Officer Eddie Lucas says, “The Primary [Charter Guest] has recovered from breast cancer, so they’re celebrating boobs.”

Apparently Michael had breast cancer, which is rare in American white men, and is a hundred times more common for white women to be diagnosed with.

“Michael fought a battle with cancer and received a clean bill of health one year ago and has planned this chapter to celebrate with friends and family,” Captain Lee explained to Chef Rachel, Eddie, and Chief Stew Heather Chase.

The boob-themed celebrations inspire Chef Rachel to come up with a special vanilla coconut cake with cherries on top.

Below Deck Chef Rachel's Boob Cake
Below Deck Chef Rachel bakes a pretty perky coconut and vanilla cake with cherries on top (Screenshot, Bravo).

Michael’s Job & Where Is Home

Michael works for beer conglomerate Anheuser Busch, the company that owns beers like Budweiser and Bud Light.

“Michael is a Colorado-based distributor for Anheuser Busch, one of the biggest beer companies in the world,” explains Captain Lee in episode 7.

Michael lives in Grand Junction, Colorado. He doesn’t appear to have any public social media presence.

Family & Friends Also On The My Seanna

Joining Michael is his “long-time” girlfriend Jennipher “who works for a primary care practice,” according to the charter sheet.

Micheal’s daughter, Nichole, and her husband, Jerome, also got to join. Nichole had her boobs out in the hot tub and caused quite a stir on episode 8 of Below Deck season 9.

Jennipher’s daughter Taylor, who is a culinary graduate, is also on the charter along with her husband Justin, who’s in construction and, according to the charter report, the life of the party.

“Friends of the Primary, Mallorca and Clint round out the charter group. Mallorca met the Primary while serving him beers at their local pub years ago,” says the charter sheet as well.
“This group looks forward to celebrating Michael’s health with drinks always in hand and water toys available at all times!”

They should be fun to watch the next couple of episodes!

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