BB 25 Fans Bash Izzy Pushing Cameron, Calls Him Pig At Eviction As Poor Sport

BB 25 Fans Bash Izzy Pushing Cameron, Call Him Pig At Eviction As Poor Sport

Big Brother 25 mastermind Izzy Gleicher overplayed her hand in the house and got evicted on Thursday, September 14’s Week 6 eviction night. A lot of fans disliked Izzy because she talked a lot of nasty words about Cameron Hardin, Blue Kim, America Lopez, and Bowie Jane just to name several. All while trying to hog the alliances in the house. Fans are bashing Izzy pushing Cameron after getting evicted from the Big Brother 25 household.

She then told him after the pushed him away that she’d be seeing him “soon pig” as he will be voted out soon, too. Cameron sarcastically called her a “class act” after she snubbed hugging him goodbye. He even said during the week when they had to wear pig suits together that he liked her and wanted to work with her.

Big Brother fans dragged her as poor sport and cry baby. She also called Cory a pipsqueak and pushed him right before exiting the house.

During her brief exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves she blamed Cory Wurtenberger for backstabbing her, which is ironic because she prioritized he alliance with others over him. She almost burst into tears at the end of the show with a trembling face. Fans can read more about Izzy’s full exit interview here.

BB 25 Fans Drag Izzy Pushing Cameron & Nearly Crying After Her Eviction

Twitter/X blew up with people calling out her salty, poor gamesmanship.

However, as a consolation prize Izzy is now part of the Fields family alongside Cirie Fields and Jared. Cirie said she’s one of them and Izzy called them her family. Fans are eagerly anticipating the rest of Izzy’s exit interview which will be on posted on the official Big Brother Instagram account Friday morning.

Meanwhile, the remaining contestants are left competing on the big wall competition for HOH. Julie also notified the houseguests they’re going old school and the next to houseguests evicted won’t be on the jury.

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