BB 25 Houseguest America Lopez: All Fans Need To Know

BB 25 Houseguest America Lopez: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother season 25 houseguest America Lopez saved her neck from the block in the first nomination competition. Since entering the house, she’s cunningly set herself up in an alliance. Let’s find out more about who is BB 25 houseguest America Lopez and how she stacks up against the other sixteen houseguests.

“My parents are Mexican immigrants. I’m a first generation American. So growing up, my parents didn’t know any English and Spanish is my first language. I learned English from listening to Shania Twain’s cassette tapes so I was able to enunciate the words correctly and I learned the whole album from memory. We didn’t have a lot growing up. There were eight of us and we shared one bathroom. I saw my parents’ financial struggles growing up. And I really wanted to make them proud. So I immersed myself in my education and graduated from Brown University in 2019 with a degree in biology.”

BB 25 Houseguest America Lopez: Job, Age, No Social Media, Hometown, Current City, More

BB 25 houseguest America's Mexican-American parents

BB 25 houseguest America’s Mexican-American parents (CBS).

“I’m a receptionist at dermatologist office,” America shared on the premier. Fans were shocked to learn the 25-year-old pretty brunette doesn’t have any social media online. Fans suspect she may be using an alias name while on the show for some reason. Julie Chen Moonves did promise the 25th anniversary would be more unexpected than ever before.

She grew up in Edinburg, Texas, but now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

“I think just from first glance, people might underestimate me. And just think I’m a pretty face with lashes and big hair. But I’m a huge Big Brother superfan. I’ve been watching this game since I was ten years-old. And being a first generation American, I had to learn at a very young age to be resilient. It’s a cutthroat game. You’ve got to be ruthless going into the house. And that’s how I’m going to win.”

America and her siblings when they were kids growing up

America and her siblings when they were kids growing up (CBS).

BB 25 Houseguest America Lopez: Gameplay Strategy

America on her graduation with her proud parents

America on her graduation with her proud parents (CBS).

“So I want to go into this playing the game that I personally love to watch. So I’m going to be in here lying, backstabbing, and blindsiding whoever I can, whenever I get the chance. I Plan to stay low at the beginning, just because that strategy has worked for past players,” America said in her first impression interview.

“But I’m definitely just going to be the sweet, bubbly, charismatic person, and get to know everybody and be genuine with them. And then lie to whoever I need to. I don’t mind. I’m going to do whatever it takes to win the game. I have an Ivey League degree so I’ll definitely be keeping that from my fellow house guests. I just don’t want to come off as the smarty pants and be automatically targeted because of it. So I’m going to keep that a secret,” she added.

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