Does Alissa Get Fired From Below Deck Season 10? Yes Say Clues

Does Alissa Get Fired From Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck season 10 Second Stewardess Alissa Humber ticked off the wrong captain with her condescending attitude on episode 12, “The Fish Stinks From the Head”. Captain Sandy Yawn expects nothing but respect from her lower crew members. Alissa (not spelled Alyssa) disrespected the replacement captain, repeatedly talking back and interjecting. Then when she was reprimanded she said “cool” and called her captain “Sandy” before insincerely correcting herself by saying “Captain Sandy”. Now fans are wondering: “Does Alissa get fired from Below Deck season 10?”

Well if it wasn’t obvious from the end of the episode, where Captain Sandy asks Bosun Ross McHarg to come to the bridge to witness her conversation with Alissa, yes, she gets fired and leaves the show early. Captain Sandy made it pretty clear she’s about to boot Alissa off superyacht St. David. She’s getting a one-way ticket home to Miami, Florida, from Saint Lucia.

“You know Alissa’s past the thin ice part. She’s falling through the ice. For me as a captain, people need to know that you have a boundary. They need to know where that line is,” Captain Sandy said before calling a meeting with her insubordinate second stew.

“Hey, have a seat. Yesterday, when you said ‘Sandy, I mean Captain’. That was the ‘[bleep] you’ in my face. Your insubordination and lack of respect for this position is insurmountable,” she curtly told Alissa. Then the episode finished with the caption “To be continued”.

Here are major workplace infractions leading up to Alissa getting fired.

Does Alissa Get Fired From Below Deck On Episode 13 & Leave Boat?

Captain Sandy firing second stew Alissa Humber from Below Deck season 10

Captain Sandy firing second stew Alissa Humber from Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

There’s overwhelming evidence Alissa gets fired from the show on episode 13, with the foreshadowing title “Another One Bites the Dust”.

A Below Deck reddit user posted the episode summary descriptions for 12 to 15, and episode 13’s makes it unequivocal a crew member gets let go.

“Captain Sandy lets go of an integral member of the crew. One guest takes her requests to the limits, pushing Chef Rachel to wit’s end. Windy weather ruins excursion plans. Captain Lee shares big news with Captain Sandy.”

On top of that, Below Deck season 10’s second-half preview reveals yachtie stewardess Leigh-Ann Smith joins the boat, which confirms Alissa leaves early.

Alissa already kind of alluded to her firing when she asked fans to stop attacking her and fellow fired crew member and her nemesis Camille Lamb.

“The Below Deck thing happened like a year ago… We’re all over it, and I hope that you do get over that too,” Alissa told fans on Instagram.

Below Deck fans bashed Alissa for bullying Camille and disrespecting Ross and Katie Glaser‘s boatmance. They also found her behavior towards Chief Steward Fraser Olender and other crew members appalling, like muttering nasty comments about them behind their backs. Many fans are going to cheer the news of Alissa’s abrupt departure on Below Deck season 10’s episode 13.

Alissa with friends in Miami after appearing on Below Deck season 10

Alissa with friends in Miami after appearing on Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

Meanwhile, Alissa’s replacement appears to do a better job sinking a boatmance than she did. Apparently Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby has a romantic past with Leigh-Ann and they rekindle things upon her arrival.

Alissa Tells Below Deck Fans To Stop Attacking Camille & Her

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