Below Deck S11: Ben Bashed Jared On WWHL After Bosun’s Firing

Below Deck S11: Ben Bashed Jared On WWHL After Bosun's Firing

Below Deck season 11 Lead-Deckhand-turned-Bosun Ben Willoughby didn’t hold back in trashing his former fired boss Jared Woodin. While a guest on Watch What Happens Live, Ben bashed Jared for his poor performance leading the deck team on superyacht St. David.

WWHL host and Bravo kingpin Andy Cohen asked Ben whose departure — Jared and stew Cat Baugh — from the Below Deck season 11 cast most surprised him on episode 7 while filming in Grenada.

“Cat’s for sure. I was kind of expecting Jared. I mean, he was kind of stumbling from the start, Andy. And I was just waiting for him to get out of there to be honest… It’s hard to bite your tongue, but with a new captain on board, it’s just something you have to do,” Ben said.

“Did you get the acknowledgement from the captain that, ‘Hey, yeah, you should’ve been there from the beginning?'”

“I think so, I think so. But Jared was kind of stuck in that role, so all I did was wait,” Ben said.

However, some Below Deck fans didn’t think Ben actually just waited around for Jared to eventually get fired. They believe Ben actively tried to sabotage Jared in his role as bosun. First, Ben didn’t relay the amount of chain for Jared to let out on the first anchor drop. He also blamed Jared when talking to Captain Kerry Titheradge about drinks not getting sent on the tender ashore with charter guests. Finally, he used the radio, so the captain could hear, to tell Jared that deckhand Sunny Marquis should be wearing a helmet while on a jet ski. In the latter case, he ended up hurting his boatmance with Sunny.

Below Deck Season 11: Ben Bashed Jared On WWHL After Bosun’s Firing

Regardless of Ben’s behavior, Jared got himself fired all on his own. Jared on two nights out got extremely drunk and caused issues with the crew. Not only that, he woke up Captain Kerry twice because he was yelling in a threatening manner at deckhand Kyle Stillie for leaving out his pipe and tobacco.

“I think it was warranted for sure [Captain Kerry scolding Kyle and Jared for waking him up]. Mostly for Jared. I was kind of — he was just his own worst enemy. That’s just kind of how it was, and I was just waiting to swoop in, Andy,” Ben said on WWHL.

Later on in the show, a fan asked Ben what he thought about Jared saying he’d never want to work with Ben again. o

“You know, I think the feelings are very mutual. I was actually kind of shocked. Because I actually did a lot of the work for him. So I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to work with me again. I think I made his job and his life a lot easier,” Ben said.

Jared previously went on WWHL and gave an update on his relationship with his daughter. Co-star yachtie stew Barbie Pascual also went on the show with Jared, and Ben had high praise for the Argentinian beauty.

“I think you’ve got to have a bit of fire, you’ve got to have a bit of go about ya. I think Fraser’s a little jealous. Barbie works her ass off. She’s fantastic at what she does,” Ben said. Andy was a bit surprised with Ben’s response and seemed incredulous.

“I think so. She works so hard. I’m not sure if he’s appreciating how hard she’s working…” Ben reiterated.

“I would put that in the dick category,” co-guest Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg jumped in to add. Ben then thanked her.

At the end of the show, Andy asked if Ben could’ve tried to help Jared out when he was struggling.

“You know what, it’s quite hard Andy. It’s quite hard, you don’t want to overstep the mark at the time. But I’ve done it before and it didn’t end well. So I think it’s just something I bit my tongue on.”

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