Physical 100’s Sim Yu-Ri: Fighting Record, MMA, Age, Birthday, More

Physical 100's Shim Yu-Ri: Fighting Record, MMA, Age, Birthday, More

Shortly after Physical 100 Season 2 got underway, competitors went straight to the deathmatch, the iconic challenge of Physical 100. Now with three diverse arenas, the chances of a wild upset occurring skyrocketed. And we got a major upset when female MMA battler Sim Yu-Ri outlasted diplomat and FBI agent Hunter Lee. Lee had the strength advantage and lifted Sim bodily, but she toughed out the three minutes and scored the win. Unfortunately Sim’s team was defeated in Quest #2, and while Lee was tough he was by no means in the top tier of this season. Even so, she was an integral part of the team challenge. With many questions left unanswered, let’s review Physical 100’s Sim Yu-Ri. 

Physical 100’s Sim Yu-Ri: Height, Weight, Weight Class, Fighting Record, Age, Birthday, Zodiac, Upcoming Fights, Championships

The 29-year-old “Genius Striker’s” physical stats are easy to find. Her weight class means she must be less than 48 kilograms, or 105.8 pounds. At 5 feet, 6 inches and 106.8 pounds she is just over the limit as of her last weigh in. However, that number may be out of date as she has not fought since 2021. There is a very good reason for that as she was badly injured and needed surgery after her last fight. But, in another demonstration of her tenacity, she will be fighting again in just a few days against Japanese kickboxer Rena Kubota. She also talks about a lack of financial support for her fighting career, so she has a reason to win the big 300 million won prize (about $225,000 USD) on Physical 100. This is despite being the reigning ROAD FC female atomweight champion.

Sim has a 6-3-0 all time record, with 2 wins by knockout and one knockout loss. Born on May 13, 1994, Sim is, fittingly, a deeply stubborn and competitive Taurus.

Physical 100’s Sim Yu-Ri: IG, YouTube, Sponsors, Coach, Show Squad

With a very strong 20,900 followers on Instagram, Sim definitely has her social media game squared up. Her sponsorships from meal kit delivery service Factor, vitamin producer Olive Young and energy drink Green Hill should help close that financial gap. However, she does appear to have locked down a sponsorship with Nike, which outshines all the rest. And with her many videos in the gym running and training, we could have guessed she would make it to the second tier in the treadmill challenge. Sim also pays tribute to and features her coach, MMA fighter Genius Kim, in many IG posts. When she’s not training like crazy, she loves to relax by climbing a mountain.

Sim also has a YouTube channel with 4,110 subscribers. Though she is not into mukbangs, you can see what she eats in a typical day before she hits the gym. Other videos, such as this one, depict her journey to a pre-fight press conference. If you look closely, you can see some of the cast friends she made in her videos. There’s Hwang Choon-Won tagging along for a gym visit, easily identifiable by his distinctive shiny bald head. Her stories show she was part of a show squad with Hwang and handballer Jo Ha-Rang. Also included is Kim Dong-Hyun (the bobsledder, not the MMA legend) and American football player Lee Jun-Ha. It turns out this was her team for Quest 2, so it seems that they stayed friends on the show.

Although Sim wasn’t able to win it all, she’s already an inspiration to women everywhere.

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