Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 1 Recap & Fan Reactions

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 1 Recap & Fan Reactions

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 1 definitely decked the halls. We had multiple comps, a little past drama resurfacing, and a surprise elimination. Because we don’t have to focus on live feeds, we can give you recaps as we count down to Christmas-time. Just as a recap: Our hosts are Derek Xiao, Jordan Lloyd and Tiffany Mitchell, acting as Santa’s elves. Our houseguests include Taylor Hale, Cameron Hardin, Britney Haynes, Cody Calafiore, Frankie Grande, Danielle Reyes, Josh Martinez, and Xavier Prather. Rounding out the cast is Nicole Franzel. Let’s hang up our stockings and get to the recap!

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 1: Hour #1

It was explained that the poorest performing houseguest would be eliminated each day until only four of them remain. These four would battle it out for the $100,000 cash prize at the end of the games. On some days they would compete as individuals, other times, as duos or teams.


Danielle and Britney formed a quick alliance and Frankie and Cody paired up as well. Britney promised to put her feelings about Nicole aside for the game. This stems from her taking her friend Janelle Pierzina’s side during the Janelle-Nicole feud that was part of Big Brother 22. Josh, Taylor, Xavier and Danielle formed a foursome, but Danielle was vocal about this being an alliance of convenience. This left Cameron by himself.


Jordan announced the Naughty and Nice challenge. Houseguests had to solve a musical riddle. Every guest would get one guess and whoever won would win the “Naughty and Nice” power. Clue #1: A miniature light-up house. Clue #2: A hand with one finger pointing up. Before Clue #3 was revealed, Xavier guessed “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” and Josh guessed “Feliz Navidad.” Clue #3 was a big fidget spinner. Taylor and Cody opted not to guess.


Danielle voted for “Old Saint Nick” and Britney guessed “Up On The House Top.” Nicole and Frankie voted for the same song, but since Britney was first she won the challenge. Jordan revealed that Britney had an advantage in the next challenge. She also could disadvantage someone else as the “Naughty” part of her power. Britney wasn’t thrilled because she wasn’t safe from elimination and had to create an enemy. She and Nicole decided the biggest comp beast was Cody, so he got the Naughty stocking disadvantage. Next, Jordan announced the Jingle Bell Brawl. The winner would get safety and influence who would leave that day.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 1: Hour #2

The Jingle Bell Brawl involved depositing letters in other contestants’ mailboxes. They had to cross a narrow bridge going back and forth to the mailboxes. Players needed to deliver all their letters and clear their boxes of any letters left by other houseguests. Everyone immediately targeted Cameron by stuffing his box with letters. Nicole, Taylor, and Britney ganged up on Cody as well.

Taylor and Frankie cleared their boxes first. Frankie pulled ahead and Danielle and Xavier tried to target him, but he clinched the win. Now, Frankie had the power to send two houseguests to the Santa’s Showdown where they would compete to avoid being eliminated. Interviews began and Cody secured his safety thanks to his alliance with Frankie. Nicole and Danielle were offered an alliance by Frankie against Cameron. Cameron quickly picked up on this during his chat with Frankie. Taylor also tried to spread misinformation about Frankie nominating Cody, which Frankie clued in on and filed away for later.

Afterward, Frankie ended up nominating Cameron and Xavier, since Xavier had put letters in his box. Cameron and Xavier needed to complete a sweater-shaped jigsaw puzzle to win. Despite having trouble with a missing piece, Xavier finished well ahead of Cameron. Cameron got a chance to pick a present from under the tree and won a year’s supply of jelly. Episode 1 ended with Taylor and Cody realizing that each was the other’s biggest rival in the game.

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