BB 25 Houseguest Cameron Hardin: All Fans Need To Know

BB 25 Houseguest Cameron Hardin: All Fans Need To Know

Cameron Hardin and the rest of the Big Brother 25 houseguests entered the house on August 2 for the premier on CBS to start competing for the $750,000 USD prize money. They had a messy, paint-splattered competition to start off. Now, viewer are trying to figure out who are the serious players on the 25th anniversary of the competition show, and who are the floaters. Here’s everything fans need to know about BB 25 houseguest Cameron Hardin.

“I’m a huge superfan of Big Brother. I’ve lived to come into this house. Every season I’ve lived with my what if. I almost got it, I almost made it. I got it to this point. I’ve auditioned like five or six times. I’m finally getting into the house right now for the 25th season. I cannot tell you how special it is just to be sitting in these walls. I can’t believe that my next 14 weeks is on the other side of that door right now,” Cameron said in his first impression interview.

Who Is BB 25 Houseguest Cameron Hardin? Age, Hometown, Instagram, Job, More

BB 25 contestant Cameron Hardin competing in the first competition

BB 25 contestant Cameron Hardin competing in the first competition (Instagram).

Cameron, like co-star America Lopez, is very much an enigma we’ll have to get to know more about from the live-streams mainly. He doesn’t have any public social media profiles, except an Instagram account his family made to root him on while he’s in the house. His brief bio provided by CBS reveals he’s a stay-at-home dad who’s hometown is Eastman, Georgia, population 5,000. He still lives in the same town he grew up in with his daughter. However, he’s separated from his daughter’s mom.

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time, and I am definitely going to win this season,” Cameron, age 34, said in his interview. “I’ve never actually been away from my daughter for this long. This is going to be kind of tough on both of us.”

“I love Big Brother so much, I love the willpower that it takes. I love that you’ve got to gamble on everything and leave everything behind. And go locked down in a house with a bunch of strangers. I love the mental fortitude that it takes to run this game. Some people aren’t built to go the distance. Some people are built to be sprinters. You know, you’ve got to play the game the way it’s designed.

“Strategy going into the Big Brother game is not to win too many competitions, definitely not to win any soon. Not to lay too low, as if I’m a floater, let’s be right down the middle. I want to build connections with people. And drive relationships forward… The only secret that I’m probably going to hold back from the houseguests is how big of a fan I am of the show. I’m going to have to downplay that a bit as to not put a big target on my back.”

Stay tuned for more updates on who BB 25 houseguest Cameron is as we get to know more about him from the livestreams.

Camron with his afro main of hair

Camron with his afro main of hair (Instagram).

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