Perfect Match’s Chloe: THTH Star’s Job, IG, TikTok & More

Perfect Match's Chloe: THTH Star's Job, IG, TikTok & More

Perfect Match’s Chloe Veitch (Too Hot To Handle, The Circle) is a Netflix reality veteran by this point. The English model and beauty has been through the wringer lately as the fallout from the show spreads. It been confirmed that she and Shayne Jansen (Love Is Blind) weren’t able to make it as a couple. Not only that, a backlash is building as fans are realizing all the onscreen fallout was for entertainment. We didn’t get one single lasting couple from a show where participants were encouraged to date as many people as possible! Can you believe it?!

Chloe is a fan favorite for her positive and extremely ditzy attitude. She genuinely looked like she was having fun even when visibly torn between Shayne and the unferkable Mitchell Eason (The Circle). First, she matched with Shayne, then fell for her ex Mitchell, leading to Shayne’s emotional exit. Then she brought Shayne back again when the spark with Mitch fizzled, or should we say, ferk-zled. Although they didn’t win the title of Perfect Match, they seemed happy with one another after working out their issues. Everyone loves it when a couple is tested and emerges stronger. Exzcept, oops, Shayne was still in a bad frame of mind after his negative experience on Love Is Blind. Good on Shayne for being accountable, I guess, but Chloe is still jilted.  Will Chloe take a much needed break from the Netflix Realityverse? Let’s find out.

Perfect Match’s Chloe: Model and Real Estate Agent Jobs, Other Reality Shows, Age, Zodiac, Family, Essex Home

Chloe Veitch at a yoga session with puppies

Chloe Veitch at a yoga session with puppies (Instagram).

Chloe is red hot right now at the young age of 23. Her birthdate is March 6, which makes her a flirty, emotional and romantic Pisces. But she’s actually done a lot more than get by on her looks. For one thing, she’s supported her family through a number of tragedies. Both her step-brother and father have struggled with addiction issues, with her step-brother sadly succumbing. She’s also lost an aunt to cancer and dealt with bullying while growing up in Essex, which is east of London. She showed off her gorgeous home in Essex during the pandemic and has raised sums of money for cancer research. This makes sense, because Chloe has worked as a real estate agent before getting into modelling.

Chloe has other reality show credits to her name besides her work with Netflix. She got into some spooky antics investigating allegedly haunted houses on the UK’s Celebrity Ghost Trip. She then placed 3rd on Season 4 of the BBC’s The Hunted, where contestants go on the run for 4 weeks. Doing this was no small feat because Veitch is a very recognizable model. She has won the Top Models UK pageant and placed 4th in Miss Supertalent 2018. Her modelling agency is BAME and she is affiliated with Fashion Nova.

Perfect Match’s Chloe: Instagram, TikTok and Cameo

Chloe’s mastery of social media is something to behold. Her combination of stunning looks, obvious horniness and earnest silliness is a true winner. Chloe’s IG features a monstrous 1,800,000 followers. She effortlessly flips back and forth from super glam to slumming it up in an arcade. Chloe’s TikTok  is similarly dominant at a staggering 1,100,000 followers. This one in particular, where she teams up with two of Shayne’s exes- Natalie Lee from Love Is Blind and Ines Tazi, one of Shayne’s Perfect Match’s partners- is a work of art. Finally Chloe’s Cameo is where you go if you want her to make you laugh. You can get a personalized video for $150.


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