Love Is Blind: Stacy’s Job At Dad’s Company Revealed By Izzy

Love Is Blind: Stacy's Job At Dad's Company Revealed By Izzy

Love Is Blind season 5 viewers constantly wondered how Stacy Snyder made all of her money because she constantly talked about being wealthy to then-fiancé Izzy Zapata and focused so much on finances. Fans were also confused by the show describing Stacy as an operations manager but showing her teaching a Pilates class. Well, her Love Is Blind ex Izzy dished on exactly how Stacy made some of her money, and it looks like she works for her dad’s company.

Stacy’s Instagram clearly shows she has side hustle businesses besides working as a Pilates instructor. She works as a freelance makeup artist under the business called The Face Audit. The serial entrepreneur also runs a stylist business called The Closest Audit, where she goes through clients’ entire wardrobes and helps them sharpen their outfits. On top of that, she’s started her own clothing line fittingly called First Class. However, all these forays as a small business owner don’t appear to be her day job.

On Thursday, October 19, The Bachelor star Nick Viall dropped another interview with Izzy, where one of his sidekicks asked the Love Is Blind season 5 star what his ex fiancee’s job is.

“So, for Stacy, I know it says Operations Manager, and then we saw her teaching at a Pilates studio. Like can you give us a better sense of what her professional situation is and how that may influence both of yours conversations?” asked one of Nick’s employees on the podcast.

Love Is Blind Season 5 Star Stacy’s Job

Stacy's well-off dad Dale Snyder wearing designer clothing during his first time meeting his daughter's fiancé Izzy

Stacy’s well-off dad Dale Snyder wearing designer clothing during his first time meeting his daughter’s fiancé Izzy (Netflix).

“She does operations for her dad’s company. She does that, that’s her main job. And then Pilates is like a side gig. She would like do that on Thursdays, during the week and stuff,” Izzy explained.

“What’s her dad’s company?” Viall asked.

“I think it’s oil and gas, something with oil and gas I think,” Izzy explained.

Dale Snyder, Stacy’s dad, was one of the most memorable side character on season 5. He grilled Izzy about if he makes enough money and made it clear his daughter likes to fly first class. Although his company doesn’t appear to be listed online, there’s a Dale Snyder based in Houston, Texas, who is self-employed as an oil broker. According to Comparably, oiler brokers in America make from $100,000 to over $500,000 per year.

So, it appears Stacy works for he dad’s oil brokerage company, but not many details are available online. Some fans will be surprised to learn Stacy was judging Izzy’s bad credit score, apparently 580 at the time of filming. Meanwhile, Stacy appears to owe much of her good fortune to working for her dad’s lucrative company.

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