Alone: What Happened To Jose Martinez Amoedo After Season 2

Alone: What Happened To Jose Martinez Amoedo After Season 2

The TV show Alone prides itself on being the authentic survival experience, but what happens when reality show antics intrude? Fans debated whether third place finisher for Alone season 2 intentionally flipped his kayak after 59 days. The point that fans seized on was how the medieval combat expert waited in the cold water to be evacuated. Arguments persisted about how he deliberately leaned too hard to the left or whether he was in shock. AstraMagnusRott pegs it to the number of days, saying, “On day 60, basically earning him $16K total for his part of the show [and had enough], just like Mike earned $6k for his 3 weeks.” Also, season winner David McIntyre went into the water and dried off with no problem.

Regardless of whether Jose took a dive intentionally or not, everyone agrees he’s one of the season’s true survivalists. But what happened to Jose Martinez Amoedo after Alone season 2?

What Happened To Jose From Alone? Travels, Martial Arts, Crafts, Survival Skills, Family

Jose’s bio certainly reads like a man cut out for Alone. A former soldier with the Spanish military, the 53 year old has been all over the world. He’s travelled to the Yukon and was shipwrecked in the Amazon. According to his website, he’s been a Green Beret, and has studied both Western and Eastern martial arts. In fact, Jose is so into medieval swordplay that he’s constructed an actual castle in the Canadian far north. Here, you can live out your Game of Thrones fantasies to the fullest. Jose is also a skilled craftsman and has some of his projects on his website. You can also see some of his world-travelling adventures and see his skill with a bow and arrow.

Jose does spend time on social media, though it’s obviously not his main focus. He does have an Instagram, but it is privated and only has 271 followers. He has a Twitter/X account, but there are only 98 followers and it hasn’t been updated since 2016. According to this scene from Alone, Jose was married and he still appears to be, as we can find a picture of his daughter Eria on his Facebook. The  Facebook account in question can be found here.  On his FB account, we can see that he studied History and Geography at Spanish university UNED. We can also see photos of a dog, but we don’t know his pet’s name or whether it is still alive. We also know Jose’s birthday based on one post: it is January 13. This makes him a stubborn, cautious Capricorn.

What Happened To Jose Martinez Amoedo? Sacred Circle Survival School

Pretty much every single Alone alumnus has some sort or survivalist school, and Jose is no exception. His is the Sacred Circle survival school, and in addition to medieval combat and general survival, Jose offers a course in primitive technology. There are also specific workshops in skill development. However, Jose states that he considers wherever he currently lives and is trying to survive to be a school.

Jose seems like one of history’s most interesting men, and it’s a shame we don’t see more of him since Alone season 2.

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