Alone: What Happened To Larry Roberts After Seasons 2 & 5

Alone: What Happened To Larry Roberts After Seasons 2 & 5

While Alone season 2 winner David McIntyre was an optimistic fan favorite, while runner-up Larry Roberts divided fans. Bother Larry and David encountered many setbacks, but whenever something didn’t go Larry’s way, he would rage for minutes at a time. However, it was clear that Larry was desperate to win. He truly disliked his job and felt he had been dealt a bad hand at life. After 64 days in the wild, when he went through a total mental collapse, he was a shell of himself. Watching him yell at innocent mice or bears who were fighting was relatable for some and scary for others.

Since he came so close, Larry came back for season 5 and finished in the top three for that season, lasting 41 days. The change of location- rural Mongolia- and returning cast members didn’t do much for viewers. Season 5 is ranked by fans as one of the least favorite shows. It seems that Larry got screwed again by life, as Sam Larson won the season by coming in heavier than all the other competitors. He survived off his excess weight and nobody could touch him. A winning season won’t be in the cards for Larry, but what happened to Larry Roberts after Alone? 

What Happened To Larry Roberts? Weight Loss, Mental Health, Family, Electrician/Survival Course Jobs

Alone cast member Larry Roberts with his wife and fellow Alone competitor Nicole Apelian

Alone cast member Larry Roberts with his wife and fellow Alone competitor Nicole Apelian (Instagram).

For his part, Larry pleads the “bad edit” excuse for the show making him look angry. He says he lost 35 pounds on season 2, and 17 in season 5. Larry claims to have suffered PTSD from his experience on season 2, but was supported by his family. He and wife Rachel have been married for over 30 years, and they have two adult children, Brennan and Cassidy. They also have a dog, a Jack Russel named Winston. Larry is still working away at his electrician job in Minneapolis, but like many Alone alumni he has his own survival course, too. The Back2Basics weekend survival camps happen twice a year according to Larry’s website.

Larry’s pretty prolific on social media. He has an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel and all of these are updated fairly regularly. The YouTube account in particular features recaps of all episodes of Alone Season 2. It also documents Larry’s return to Mongolia in 2019 and his stay with a herder family and participation in an Eagle festival. His social media stats are pretty good, too, with 12,700 followers on YouTube and 6,722 followers on IG.

What Happened To Larry Roberts? Movie, Chef and Woodworking Hobbies, Surgery

Larry has also starred in a horror film, the fittingly titled Solitude, alongside season 2 4th place finisher Nicole Apelian. He was also a consultant on the script. 51-year-old Larry is a pretty good chef as well, often cooking meals for his family using his bushcraft skills. Larry also demonstrates his woodworking skills on IG, showing how he whittles and does home repairs himself. Larry has also taken a few trips, such as cruising around the Mediterranean in early 2023. He seems to be doing a lot better mentally, but he has had some surgeries, including an intense job on his thumb.

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