Netflix’s Outlast: Where Are They Now? All Cast Members

Netflix's Outlast Where Are They Now? All Cast Members

We’re waiting for an Outlast reunion episode because fans are wondering what happened to all cast members after the show. Fame has not really changed any of these people, and the winners don’t appear to have altered their lifestyles. Despite the $1 million dollar prize that was split three ways, there are not many surprises here. What has happened is that many of the cast members are not speaking to each other. What gets overlooked is the friendships bonds made during their excruciating ordeal surviving around Alaska’s Neka River. It’s still unknown if Outlast season 2 will get greenlit by Netflix and if any former competitors will get a second shot. However, lets look at where are they now after Outlast season 1.

Outlast Where Are They Now: Winners

Paul Preece

Paul going hunting with his dog

Paul going hunting with his dog (Instagram).

The big change in Paul Preece‘s life is that he’s gotten engaged to his sweetheart Shonda Bailey, who he referenced on the show. The 47-year-old Knoxville Tennessee native continues to do the things he loves most back home: hunting and fishing. He’s met superstar hunter Bobby Worthington and continues to work for Danish mining company FLSmidth. However, he has also experienced tragedy, as he had to bury his beloved mother in December 2022. Finally, he’s started a new podcast, “Between The Horns“, to discuss his experiences on Outlast. As of now, there are two episodesfeaturing his teammates Nick, Seth and Angie, whom he’s all still close with.

Nick Radner

Nick giving an impromptu lesson on Western Red Cedars without knowing much about them

Nick giving an impromptu lesson on Western Red Cedars while hiking on the US West Coast (Instagram).

Of the three winners, Nick Radner was the one who seemed to need the money the most. On Nick’s IG, he expresses a lot of gratitude towards friends and fans. Over Spring Break 2023, he’s completed a climb of Mt. St. Helens in the Pacific Northwest. That’s a long way away from his home state of Florida for the 38-year-old. He’s also posted photos of a trek through Yosemite National Park. While he’s received some backlash for his decisions on the show, he’s one of the few cast members to express concern for Jill Ashlock. This is despite being aware of her more negative tendencies. It seems that Nick has continued with his wrestling coach and teacher job, too.

Seth Lueker

Outlast cast member Seth Lueker with his wife Elissa

Outlast cast member Seth Lueker with his wife Elissa (Instagram).

Quiet Seth Lueker has continued to go on long hikes with his wife Elissa, which is what he does best. Seth’s IG shows him on a 500-mile walk on the Appalachian trail. He’s also shared a celebratory winning cake with Paul and plans to start a family now that he can afford it and paid off his debts. Seth continues to spend as much time in the brush as possible with his two dogs Brindi and Kilo. The 31-year-old from Virginia has also maintained his love of guns and motorcycles, particularly his precious Harley Davidson. However, the very first thing he did since making it back to civilization was chow down on a ham sandwich.

What Happened To All Cast Members: Villains

Jill Ashlock

Jill celebrating Christmas with her husband Kyle and family

Jill celebrating Christmas with her husband Kyle and family (Instagram).

The instigator of Alpha team has spent a lot of time recently fending off criticism and blaming bad Outlast edits and fake aspects of the show. Jill maintains ongoing battles with Justin and Javier and has been threatening to use her PI license to hunt down and expose trolls. The 42-year old PI from New Haven, Kentucky also criticized Netflix for “doing whatever they want without repercussions.” Jill continues to love competing in archery competitions and hitting the open road with her off-road motorcycle.

Recently there was a Q&A on Jill’s Instagram where she said there’s no talk of a reunion as of today, and that she hasn’t even received her gear from the show. She also says she has no hard feelings towards anyone except Javier, who she calls “a horrible person”. Jill’s friendship with Amber remains very tight, and she confirms that other shows have reached out to her.

Amber Asay

Outlast competitor Amber hiking a mountain with friends

Outlast competitor Amber hiking a mountain with friends (Instagram).

Amber Asay is another competitor who claims that Netflix made them look bad, and she claims that there’s more to her famous interaction with Javier. Aside from that, the 35 year-old has returned to her yoga instructor and construction company jobs in Phoenix, Arizona. She has also climbed mountains and taken a trip through Joshua Tree park and kayaked the Colorado River. It appears that Amber is in a relationship, but we have no details about her current partner. Rock climbing is a very big part of her life, sometimes even in costume, and she tries to send support to other former and recovering addicts and felons.

Justin Court

Blacksmith Justin making a horseshoe at work

Blacksmith Justin making a horseshoe at work (Instagram).

The 44 year-old, from La Grange, Kentucky, has the status as the sneaky thief of the cast. Justin Court continues to promote survival courses and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes, while speaking on the connection between the two fandoms for the Jiu Jitsu Times. Justin’s actions on the show have earned him many trolls, who he likes to mess with by sending them confusing DM’s. Then there’s his ongoing feud with Javier and Brian, who he has slammed as a closeted couple in a few IG stories. However, the one person who he hasn’t pushed back at is Jill. Maybe she’s figured out the only way to intimidate Justin?

What Happened to All Cast Members: Cast Members Who Got Sick Or Shot Their Flares

Angie Kenai

Angie in her uniform for work as an EMT

Angie in her uniform for work as an EMT (Instagram).

The badass 32-year-old EMT from San Antonio, Texas had to be dragged off the show after a painful bowel obstruction. Angie refused to leave Alaska, however, and talked at length about finding work there after the show. In fact, her time working at a fish processing plant provided her with the funds to complete her EMT training. This continued all the way through 2022 until she finally returned to San Antonio, Texas. It seems she worked as a tour guide while in Alaska according to this interview. While Angie is at home with her partner now and is a proud LGBTQ+ advocate, she is not done with Alaska and wants to return there someday.

Lee Ettinger

Netflix's survival competition show Outlast's cast member Lee

Netflix’s survival competition show Outlast‘s cast member Lee (Netflix).

Taken down by an unfortunate bout of sickness early on, the 57-year-old ex Marine from Bigfork, Texas, received a respectful salute upon leaving. He has a very impressive resume, including working for the Japanese government and running his own company. However, he appears to have no social media to speak of. This makes it impossible to find out what he’s been doing since his time on the show after it was sadly cut short. Eating the raw, live, worm was probably a bad call. It’s safe to assume that he’s still working for his company Better Life Products. Aside from one thread questioning his credibility as a Marine, there’s been almost universal praise for Lee.

Jordan Williams

Jordan in his Marines uniform proudly serving the United States of America

Jordan in his Marines uniform proudly serving the United States of America (Instagram).

It seems that the 25-year old Marine from Fort Collins, Colorado, has recently had a breakthrough of sorts. Jordan’s IG shows he recently submitted the first few headshots to NYC with the aim of breaking into modelling. Before that, however, Jordan maintained an idyllic lifestyle of hunting, working out, playing guitar and being a dad to his two little girls. Jordan has a new baby boy on the way and was overjoyed by that news. Jordan has developed a deep interest in heavy weaponry, demonstrating everything from a pistol to a grenade launcher. Until he makes it as a model, Jordan Williams continues in his construction job. Occasionally he returns to the parade square for some Marine functions.

Dawn Nelson

Netflix's survival competition show Outlast's cast member Dawn (Netflix).

Netflix’s survival competition show Outlast‘s cast member Dawn (Netflix).

Dawn Nelson, who suffered at the hands of Team Alpha’s cruel tactics, is another contestant who never got her chance to shine. The 43-year-old, who lives in Creston, Washington, is a breast cancer survivor with extensive experience breeding and training horses. Dawn’s Facebook shows she recently took a horseback trip to Hawk Creek Falls in Washington State. She’s also spent time in the mountains with her beloved husband, which is how she relaxes. Producers have praised her skills in the bush, and if there is a second season she should get another shot. Until then, she works as a phlebotomist and a medical lab assistant at Coulee Medical Centre.

Joel Hungate

Outlast cast member Joel (Instagram).

Outlast cast member Joel (Instagram).

Joel has gone back to his multidisciplinary career as an influencer, public speaker, engineer, and faith-based charity work according to his website. He seems deeply happy with his loving wife and three very young children. A Thanksgiving feast inspired by his dearly departed mother helped feed 4,300 people in 2022. He also served as co-chair of the American Diabetes Association “State of Diabetes” in 2022. He did share a recent post by Dawn encouraging people to forgive and stop attacking Jill, Amber and Justin, in keeping with his Christian faith. The 33-year-old from McCordsville, Indiana, also flew out to Mongolia to help victims of a rockslide.

Andrea Hilderbrand

Netflix's survival competition show Outlast's cast member Andrea

Netflix’s survival competition show Outlast‘s cast member Andrea (Netflix).

51-year-old North Carolina native Andrea Hilderbrand remains a deeply private person, and is the only one of the Outlast cast with a private Instagram. Additionally, her Facebook doesn’t reveal any new details since the show ended unless you are one of her close friends.

Javier Colón

Javier eating grilled grub

Javier eating grilled grubs (Instagram).

Bohemian wanderer Javier Colón has spent his time since the show wrapped travelling the world, sampling exotic food and trying different beers. The 42-year-old, who was born in Ohio, travels are partly funded by his website, He’s gone through the southern US, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and just finished a trip to Japan all in the past year-and-a-half since filming Outlast. In between different destinations, he’s taken time to hit back at Jill, Amber and their antics, claiming their behavior was worse than what we saw on the show. He’s also slammed Justin as being a bit of a follower, and has gotten into a bit of a feud with Justin as a result. He appears to be on good terms with Brian, his teammate, and has claimed that Brian was “tricked” somehow into firing his flare.

Brian Kahrs

Brian Kahrs showing off his shredded body

Brian Kahrs showing off his shredded body (Instagram).

The oldest member of the cast at 59 years of age, the Brooklyn-born Florida man will definitely be returning to Netflix. Brian will be appearing in “Into The Limelight” and will likely be pivoting away from his construction work to pursue acting. He continues to pursue his down-to-earth lifestyle in the meantime, spending lots of time with his wife. He also can be seen with his newly married stepdaughter and reconnecting with his brother. Brian’s IG has a lot of posts and many about his teammate Javier. And while he was irritated by Javier there is no ill will towards him.

Tim Spears

Outlast cast member Tim making friends while competing for a million dollars

Outlast cast member Tim making friends while competing for a million dollars (Instagram).

Tim left in Episode 2 after clashing with Javier’s leadership style. Tim’s Instagram shows the 33-year-old fitness trainer from Cedar Bluffs, Alabama is focused on self-improvement. Along with getting out into nature, he spends his time growing plants, working out, running trails and listening to podcasts. Tim is working to maintain sobriety, recently achieved his concealed carry permit, and has recently developed an interest in health through breathing control. Another new interest of his is immersion in freezing water, for its own health benefits. Even though Tim doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s always there for his friends and family and is mostly just happy to be alive.

Corey Johnson

Outlast competitor Corey with his wife

Outlast competitor Corey with his wife back in civilization (Instagram).

28-year-old Corey unsurprisingly tapped out before things got too extreme on the show. Corey’s Instagram shows he’s still in Parker, Colorado, with his wife Marta and two little girls Michelle and Nellie Sue. He’s enjoying life as a bartender while pursuing his dream of becoming a model. His faith, Tennessee Titans fandom, his two brothers Cameron and Clayton, and his mom Kelly Anne form the core of his close-knit family.  He has formed a lasting friendship with Tim, one of the more wholesome outcomes of the show. It’s unknown whether Corey will ever step out into the wilderness for an extended period again, however.

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