Outlast Season 2: Netflix Likely To Renew Hit Survival Show

Outlast Season 2: Netflix Likely To Renew Hit Survival Show

Netflix’s Outlast season 1 split viewers on whether they loved or hated the show. Outlast fans rooted for the good guys to win the $1 million prize after struggling to survive the harsh Alaskan rainforest climate. However, lots of fans didn’t think it was as authentic as survival shows like Alone, finding Outlast was scripted and stage managed too much. Despite Netflix not announcing it’s renewal, Outlast season 2 is likely greenlit now that the show is topping the streaming giants’ TV charts.

Here are the reasons why Outlast fans can expect a second season, and how long it will take to get produced and released.

Reasons Netflix Will Likely Renew Outlast Season 2 & Possible Filming & Release Date

Whenever a show tops the charts of Netflix it almost certainly gets renewed for multiple seasons. Fellow hit Netflix reality TV shows Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, The Ultimatum, and Love is Blind were all for renewed after they became popular with viewers.

Although Outlast is getting a mixed response from viewers (which reality TV show isn’t controversial?), the show’s rules can be revamped to improve the second season.

Outlast executive producer Grant Kahler (Castaways and Alone) is already onboard to make more seasons of the show.

“It’s certainly a format that [could run for many seasons] because it’s such an interpersonal game. It’s always going to be fun to see new personalities and new types of people react interacting with each other,” Kahler told Newsweek. “You saw how some of these big, big personalities behaved on this season, it would be so interesting to see another group of 16. It’s really an examination of human nature. I think that’s one of the strengths of this format is that every time you do a new group of people, it can be wildly different.”

Outlast season 2 would likely film in the fall of 2023 because of the show’s premise of surviving the colder temperature in late fall and early winter. It took Outlast production eighteen months after filming to release season 1, so it’s likely Outlast season 2, knowing Netflix takes notoriously long to release new seasons, at least a year from then to release season 2. So the next season of Outlast, if renewed by Netflix, will likely premiere in early 2025.

What Rules Fans Want Changed For Outlast Season 2

Sure, some viewers really detested the actions of PI detective Jill Ashlock and her accomplice, yoga instructor Amber Asay, but it sure made for some wild entertainment. The thick as thieves duo sabotaged other teams’ camps, with the help of blacksmith Justin Court. Jill and Amber faced intense Internet backlash, and co-star Javier Colón is saying they were worse than shown in the final edit.

However, Kahler also said in his Newsweek interview an Outlast season 2 would likely get rid of the “no rules” part of the game. They would want to prevent a possible dangerous situation occurring again in future seasons when competing for $1 million. Kahler says he really like the location, so the next season would still likely get filmed in the same Alaska location.

Fans have their own suggestions on how to further improve an Outlast season 2. Some viewers are calling for the race at the end to be scrapped, instead waiting it out until one team truly outlasts all the other ones.

Some Outlast fans also want to see more hunting and foraging for food, less bickering and drama. An Outlast season 1 reunion episode would certainly promise fierce attacks between cast members. Fans also believe the production crew supplied too much gear. They also suspect the competitors were supplied with food, which they don’t want to see in the second season.

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