Outlast’s Jill Ashlock: IG, PI Job, Family, Acting Work & More

Outlast's Jill Ashlock: IG, PI Job, Family, Acting Work & More

A Lady MacBeth of the small screen, Outlast’s Jill Ashlock has set a new standard for reality show shamelessness. She and onscreen bestie Amber Asay ultimately lost the big one million-dollar prize, but absolutely swept the season’s most iconic moments. The decision to attack the weakened Bravo and Delta teams. Instigating Justin Court’s raid on Delta camp. Walking through the icy water to capture two crab pots. Standing unmoved when being berated by Javier Colon for her underhanded tactics. Plotting with defector Paul Preece while both of them were fully aware of the other’s capacity for betrayal.

The moment where she apologized for taking the life of a squirrel with her bow and arrow. And her insistence that good was supposed to prevail even as it sank in that she wouldn’t win, nor did she deserve to. Although she had a nice redemption arc near the end of the show when she didn’t abandon her bestie Amber when she could’ve.

You already know how this goes. Woman behaves immorally onscreen, Internet freaks out, people feel sorry for the woman because of trolling. This complaining about morality on reality shows will never end. Some people think they’re taking some brave third option and criticizing the show for allowing the sleeping bag theft. For her part, Jill has claimed that nobody was ever in any real danger. At the moment, the only thing that is in real danger is the possibility of a Season 2. How anyone would come back for a second season, or volunteer having seen season 1, is a mystery. Whether we’ve seen the last of Jill’s reality TV adventures or not, let’s review what we know about her.

Outlast‘s Jill Ashlock: PI Job, Age, Family, Hometown, Novel, Husband & Children, Facebook

Detective Jill Ashlock from Outlast

Detective Jill Ashlock from Outlast (Instagram).

As is the case with the rest of the contestants on this show, we’re not dealing with models and influencers. Jill is a tough 42-year-old woman from New Haven, Kentucky, population 855. Her social media and life history look exactly like what you’d expect. She speaks openly on not being able to tolerate bosses and her issues with growing up in an unloving, poor family. She also mentions her own PTSD, which was triggered by an angry Joel. But, one thing most profiles have missed about Jill is that she’s a self-published author. The Grooming Stage , which is based on true events, is the story of a PI who uncovers her own buried dark past.

Jill is married to her husband Kyle. Kyle’s IG, which is privated, can be found here. They have many mutual interests, including motorcycles and piloting planes. Jill is a former model with Ross Dress for Less and has worked for the Weather Channel and CBS, where she participated on Let’s Make A Deal. Based on pictures on Jill’s Facebook, they have three children and three grandchildren. As she demonstrated on the show, Jill is an extremely skilled huntress and fisherwoman. Additionally, one post actually shows that her team actually caught 8 coho salmon in the fishing hole segment in Episode 6, not three. Jill’s Instagram also includes new posts criticizing the post-production editors for not including much of the footage. Her posts suggest Outlast was heavily edited and fake from what really happened in Alaska.

“Man these guys worked hard getting a ton of footage the world will never see! Our survival skills, the constructions, the TRUE villains!!! My heart breaks for them and all of their hard work, shelved away from a world that really needed to see the whole story,” Jill wrote in a post about the Outlast cameramen.

Since Outlast aired, Jill and Amber are blasting fan backlash of those calling them villains. Jill is also suggesting Outlast is heavily edited and fake.

Jill Ashlock showing off her archery achievements. She also used a bow and arrows on Outlast to hunt

Jill Ashlock showing off her archery achievements. She also used a bow and arrows on Outlast to hunt (Instagram).

Jill also competes in bow hunting competitions, where she regularly gets in the top five. That explains her formidable archery skills.

“I’m the boss. I own my own company. I’ve been my own entrepreneur since I was 22 years-old. I don’t know how to take orders. I don’t know how to have a boss,” Jill said on the show.

Outlast‘s Jill Ashlock: Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

Undoubtedly, Jill is one of the cast’s most diverse social media users. Her aforementioned professional FB page has 5,200 followers, while Jill’s Twitter only has 27 followers. Jill’s TikTok has 131 followers, but at least we get to see Kyle perform some tough yoga poses there. Jill’s social media describes her as “a little hippie, a bit of hood” which fits pretty much perfectly. She also showcases her love for drum circles, such as the recent event in Roanoke, Virginia. There’s also plenty of footage of the home she built, which is an impressive accomplishment to say the least.

Jill with her motocross bike

Jill with her motocross bike (Instagram).

Jill may be hated, but she seems to be unbothered by it, and it seems worldwide fame hasn’t changed her badass spirit at all.

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