BB 25 Houseguest Cirie Fields: All Fans Need To Know

BB 25 Houseguest Cirie Fields: All Fans Need To Know

Four-time Survivor contestant. Winner of The Traitors. And now, Big Brother 25 houseguest Cirie Fields  has become the unprecedented 17th contestant for this season. This makes her the first crossover contestant between Survivor and Big Brother, and part of the second parent-child pair on Big Brother. Her son is, of course, Jared Fields, who was hoping to keep this family connection a secret (and they still are, for now). Because of her surprise appearance, that means no clues about her strategy, no preseason interview to go on, nothing!

However, we can speculate about what to expect from her long reality TV history. She was a fan favorite on Survivor‘s Panama season, demonstrating her negotiation skills. She was part of the powerful Black Widow Brigade on the Micronesia season, proving her alliance building skills. But, she was also targeted for elimination early on the Heroes Vs. Villains season because of her profile. So, will the BB25 crew work with or against Cirie? They’d better not miss if they come at the queen. After all, Cirie came in 4th place in the Panama season, and 3rd place in the Micronesia season. She was first eliminated in the Heroes vs Villains season, but that was because she was ganged up on. She finished in 6th on the Mamanuca Islands season, but was a co-winner of the reality TV show Snake In The Grass. 

Big Brother Houseguest Cirie: Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Family, Children, Nursing Job, Facebook

Reality TV legend Cirie with her husband Clarencio

Reality TV legend Cirie with her husband Clarencio (Instagram).

At age 53, Cirie is still junior to Felicia Cannon by 10 years. However we know Felicia isn’t opening up about her age, so she might even fool Cirie. Her birthday was the fairly recent on July 18, which makes her an emotionally deep and intuitive Cancer. Cirie is a nurse by trade, working as the clinical coordinator for the operating room at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut. She was born in New Jersey and is married to Clarencio Hack since Sept. 1, 2005 according to Cirie’s Facebook. Clarencio isn’t the father of her three children John, Jamil and of course Jared, however. Cirie comes from a large family herself, with two sisters (Cicely and Karla) and a brother, Kenneth. Her CBS profile said that her mother had six children. Since Jared says he is from a family of 11, there are many more relationships we don’t know about.

Cirie with her dad on Father's Day

Cirie with her dad on Father’s Day (Instagram).

Big Brother Houseguest Cirie: Instagram, Show Alliance

Cirie and Clarencio at a wedding

Cirie and Clarencio at a wedding (Instagram).

Cirie does maintain an Instagram, but there are only 18 posts. Still, she maintains an impressive 52,500 followers, She often shouts out other high profile reality stars on IG. These include Christian Siriano from Project Runway and Survivor Season 41 participant Deshawn Radden.

It seems that Cirie has formed an alliance already, consisting of Felicia, Bowie Jane Ball, Mecole Hayes, and Izzy Gleicher. They are called the Bye Bye Bitches and have two backup members: Red Utley and Hisam Goueli. Interestingly, Jared hasn’t picked a side, keeping his options open with the Bitches and rival alliance The Handful. The Handful is Reilly Smedley, Matt Klotz, Jag Bains, Blue Kim, and Cameron Hardin. Corey Wurtenburger and America Lopez are the Handful’s alternates.  All of this maneuvering is going to make things very interesting if the link between Jared and Cirie gets exposed. But, it seems that Jared actually exposed the existence of The Handful and now could have a target on his back. Will Cirie protect her boy or let him twist in the wind? We’ll have to wait another day to find out the truth.

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