BB 25 Houseguest Mecole Hayes: All Fans Need To Know

BB 25 Houseguest Mecole Hayes: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother season 25 houseguest Mecole Hayes barely escaped getting put on the block by beating Jared Fields in the “Puzzling Headlines” mini game. Mecole let viewers know she just got married this summer “about a month ago” before going into the BB house. Let’s find out more about who is BB 25 houseguest Mecole Hayes and how she stacks up compared to the other sixteen houseguests.

“I was 16 years-old when I graduated from high school. By 20 years-old I had my bachelor’s degree and by 22 I was the youngest person on Capitol Hill analyzing and drafting federal policy. My biggest accomplishment to date has been drafting six federal policies that have been signed into law. And ensuring that three million kids across [America] have access to healthy school meals,”Mecole proudly told the cameras on the premier of BB 25.

Mecole and her husband happily married

Mecole and her husband happily married (CBS).

Mecole and her husband getting married

Mecole and her husband getting married (CBS).

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Mecole Hayes: Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Husband, Dog, Job, Pageantry, More

BB 25 houseguest Mecole working in Washington, DC

BB 25 houseguest Mecole working in Washington, DC (CBS).

Mecole may now work as a political consultant in Washington D.C., but she actually lives in nearby city Upper Marlboro, Maryland, with her newlywed husband and their dog. Mecole grew up in her home city of St Louis, Missouri.

Mecole’s birthday is June 30, which makes her zodiac sign Cancer. Her sign explains her fiercely loyal and nurturing side. Mecole recently turned age 30.

She graduated from Texas Southern University, where a student publication recently did a profile on the alumna. It turns out she was a competitive softball player growing up, but declined a scholarship for the sport for an academic one instead because the sport was no longer in the Olympics. She also worked a couple years as her university’s editor-in-chief of the student newspaper. After college, she had several job interviews with CNN, but didn’t get the job.

Mecole then moved to Washington D.C. for a job in communications for US Congressman Marc Veasey as an intern. She then got a job working for Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney as a press aide and legislative correspondent. She helped draft policy for immigration, labor and education.

Mecole then worked as the Senior Digital Communications Manager for the DC Public Charter School Board and now works as the Advocacy Manager for national PTA, per her LinkedIn.

Besides work, Mecole got into competitive beauty pageant competitions in 2021. By the following year, she was crowned Miss District of Columbia.

BB 25 Contestant Mecole: Gameplay Strategy

Mecole and her husband's dog

Mecole and her husband’s dog (CBS).

“I’m definitely not going to be the kind of player who lays low. I came here to win $750,000 and that takes some balls. I am so excited to play the game of Big Brother!” Mecole said on the premier.

“I’m going to play this game like a politician, I’m going to shake your hand, I’m going to kiss your baby. I’m going to smile in your face. And when you least expect it, I’m going to stab you in the back and take all your money.”

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