Big Brother 25 Houseguest Jared Fields: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Jared Fields: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother 25 houseguest Jared Fields comes from reality TV royalty, which actually counts against him. “I plan on everything being thrown my way,” he said in his preseason interview. As such, he tried to keep his famous four-time Survivor contestant and The Traitors winner mom Cirie Fields a secret. “Imagine if you are on a court and you hear you’re playing against LeBron’s son!” he said. Little did he know mom would be joining as the 17th houseguest! Although we’ve made the connection, none of the other houseguests know yet. But there’s no way this family connection can stay hidden for 100 days. And, when we met Jared during the beginning of the first episode, Cirie told him to “always be open to more alliances.” Did she know at the time that she would be joining her son? We might never find out.

Throughout the first month being in the house, Jared started a showmance with houseguest Blue Kim, despite his mom’s disapproval and them both shaming Blue’s past sexual history.

Jared’s strategy was apparently to lie low, but he’s doing anything but. After sleeping with Blue, Jared spilled on his secret relationship with his mom Cirie also in the house. Jared has acted inappropriate at times while in the house, and used the r-word to describe America Lopez. Fans are calling for Jared to be expelled from the BB 25 house because of he broke CBS’s conduct policy.

He “didn’t want to paint targets on his back by having a showmance, or by winning too many challenges.” Well, he’s now in a showmance with Blue and won HOH. And he says, “It’s not in my nature to lose.” Jared took his mom’s advice though, and has made several alliances in the house. He also has his mom’s back with the alliances she’s in and he’s not, because she can make sure he gets protection there, too.

Jared also has a girlfriend of seven years back home who was taking care of his dog. With Jared winning HOH in week 5, it’ll be interesting to see what his ex leaves as a message to cheating Jared. Fans are already making jokes about what she should say in the letter.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Jared Fields: Family, BB Fandom, Job, Volunteering, IG, Hometown, Previous Show Appearances

Like Dre Woodard from Too Hot To Handle season 5, Jared is the youngest of 11 siblings. Jared rates his Big Brother fandom level as “just under superfan.” Jared’s main job is working as an exterminator, but he also finds time to coach basketball. On Jared’s Instagram, where he has 2,671 followers, reveals he is a fan of dirt biking and putting in reps at the gym. He also goes by the alias POOHUNNIT HD as his rapper name. So far his rapping hasn’t taken off on YouTube.

Jared, who is 25, hails from Norwalk, Connecticut.  The official Big Brother Wiki reminds us that Jared has appeared on Survivor: Game Changers as Cirie’s Loved One. He was also slated to appear on Survivor: David Vs. Goliath,but dropped out. Jared has two older brothers by his mom Cirie, John and Jamil.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Jared Fields: TikTok, Threads, X (Twitter) Profile

Jared’s big drawback is that he is very much a mama’s boy and doesn’t have a lot of original content. He does have a TikTok, but it only has 2 posts and 24 followers. His Threads has 172 followers and has most of the same content as his TikTok and IG. He also has an X (Twitter) profile, but his X postings are protected and 524 people follow him there. There’s also Jared’s Facebook profile. We do know that he considers himself to be one of the best looking guys in the house, which may help or cause problems.

Like him or not, Jared is going to have a huge impact this season. We’ll have to wait to see if he has the same skills for cunning as his mom does. Let’s see if we’re rooting for or against him in a few weeks.

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