BB 25: Fans Bash Felicia, Jared And Cirie For Shaming Blue

BB 25: Fans Bash Felicia, Jared And Cirie For Shaming Blue

Big Brother 25 houseguests Felicia Cannon (AKA Denzel Washington’s sister), Jared Fields, and four-time Survivor player Cirie Fields (Jared’s mom) disgusted superfans watching the live streams and seeing the degrading things they’ve said about co-star Blue Kim. Blue and Jared’s beginnings of a showmance didn’t impress his mom or HOH, Miss Felicia. Jared said before getting into the house that starting a showmance would be a bad idea, since past seasons show the couple almost always get targeted and evicted early. However, it looks like he may be caving to his carnal desires. Here’s what Felicia, Jared and Cirie said about Blue and how fans are responding to their shaming and misogyny.

Why BB 25 Fans Are Bashing Felicia, Jared And Cirie Shaming Blue

Jared and Blue started flirting incessantly pretty much from day one upon entering the Big Brother house back at the start of August. However, things started to escalate between the two in the past week. Fans noticed they’ve started cuddling late at night when other houseguests have gone to bed. They’re also spending hours talking to on another and share a bedroom in the Scaryverse.

However, Jared became really inappropriate in the last few days, asking Blue her body count (how many guys she’s slept with) and essentially shaming her. “I had to start looking at females as human too,” Jared told Blue in one of their conversations. He’s also asked Blue to say inappropriate things in Korean like “I want to [bleep] you.”

“You’ve literally told me, you said, ‘yeah, I shake a lot of ass in the clubs,” Jared told Blue in another conversation.

He also creeped out some fans — and fellow houseguest Matt Klotz — telling Blue to come over so he could help take off her bra. Fans were not having it.

Cirie and Felicia, like Jared’s two moms in the HOH bedroom, accused Blue of playing Jared. Cirie said Blue was trying to kiss her son. Then Felicia jumped in and said, “Oh Jesus, she’s a ho.”

“She said it, she wears it proudly,” Cirie responded.

Fans on Reddit also couldn’t believe their behavior.

“When you realize he’s a rapper going by the nickname ‘Poohunnit HD’ it all starts to make sense,” said one BB fan.

“Miss Felicia calling her a ‘ho’ without any restraint or hesitation was absolutely WILD and frankly a complete and disappointing shock,” another added. We’ll have to wait and see if Jared makes a move on Blue and gets Cirie and Felicia even more haughty with indignation for Blue.

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