Big Brother Houseguest Felicia: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother Houseguest Felicia: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother houseguest Felicia Cannon is by far the most life-experienced player on Big Brother 25. She’s “always looked at myself as a people person, as a relationship person,” according to her preseason interview. “I believe I know how to strategize and do all the little things you need to do in order to get to the end.” In the game she wants to “be her authentic Felicia, build relationships, build trust. And then from there wherever the game takes me….and to have fun.” However, Felicia plans to keep her age under wraps, saying “I’m not going to tell them off the bat that I’m 63 years-old. And I’m also not going to let them know that I’ve retired twice.”

One thing we can look forward to is Felicia trying to keep the house neat. “Probably the only thing that makes me a little nervous is the sloppiness. I know young people can clutter, and I’m a very organized person.” So, while Felicia will have no trouble cozying up to people as a caring grandmotherly figure, does she have what it takes to manage the tougher stamina challenges? She has already stumbled in the goo-bomb challenge on Episode 1, setting her up to be nominated for eviction early.

Big Brother Houseguest Felicia: Real Estate Job, Hometown, Instagram, Facebook

BB 25 houseguest Felicia with her husband

BB 25 houseguest Felicia with her husband (Instagram).

Hailing from Kennesaw, Georgia, Felicia’s chosen profession now is as a real estate agent, which she first started doing at the age of 60. She was born in Tacoma, Washington, and is the oldest female contestant in the show’s history. Despite this, Felicia does have an Instagram  although it is what you’d expect from someone in her Boomer generation. There are lots of brightly colored and extremely wholesome positive messages, definitions, quotes, and good morning wishes. If you look you can find her husband Dwayne and firstborn son Jair. Felicia seems to be very skilled in the kitchen and is a committed football fan and Christian.

Felicia went into the Air Force when she was 22, “They used to call me Jane Wayne.” She got a bachelor’s degree at 45, and a master’s degree at 55.. “Age is just a number.”

Felicia says she is twice-retired, but you can still find links on her IG to Berkshire Hathaway, the company that she worked for. As you might have guessed, Felicia doesn’t believe in privacy settings on her Facebook so you can learn more about her personal life there.  She does have a very large family — 30 in her immediate circle — although few people are tagged so it’s hard to tell who is who. She has one sister, Heather Randolph, although her maiden name appears to have been Patterson.

Big Brother Houseguest Felicia: Vacations, Places Lived, Birthday and Zodiac Sign

Felicia hasn’t mastered the travel photo part of social media. However, her “places lived” section on her FB could rival any current reality TV star. She’s been all over the USA, from Maryland, Delaware and New York down to Arkansas and Texas. But she’s also lived abroad, in Guam, Germany and even Turkey. She’s also recently vacationed in Hawaii twice in 2022. Some of her posts indicate that her retirement was less than two years ago, so this may have been a long-time-in-coming retirement vacay. Felicia’s 63rd birthday was very recent on June 18th. She is a practical, flexible Gemini although she might not have much use for horoscopes.

Felicia seems lovely and we hope we get more time with her in the house instead of her getting evicted early.

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