The Mole’s Kesi Nesblett: Age, IG, Job, Hobbies & More

The Mole's Kesi Nesblett: Age, IG, Job, Hobbies & More

The Mole‘s Kesi Nesblett has played a stealthy game in the Netflix reboot of the reality TV show all about deception. She evaded any suspicions from keen-eyed cast like professional gamer Avori Henderson until the last few episodes. From Kesi taking the exemption card and making the team lose money, to dropping the mail bag on the train, to refusing to agree with Joi on the right pigeon,to her bad poker face during the elimination quizzes, the likelihood Kesi is the mole is quite high. But fans will have to wait until Friday, October 21, when The Mole finale drops on Netflix. Here’s everything The Mole fans need to know about suspect numero uno Kesi Nesblett.

The Mole’s Kesi Works As A Software Developer At Goldman Sachs & Studied Computer Science At Columbia University

Kesi currently works at finance powerhouse Goldman Sachs as a software developer. The Mole cast member Kesi’s LinkedIn also shows she was a software developer for Boeing in the past.

Kesi isn’t just a brainiac coder though. She also played volleyball competitively when she attended Columbia University. On top of that, Kesi learned to speak Mandarin after studying Chinese language and literature.

On top of her elite education and job, Kesi has volunteered as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for the past 10 years.

The Mole's Kesi with braids in Greece

The Mole contestant Kesi Neblett rocking braids while traveling in Greece (Instagram).

Kesi’s Instagram, Twitter, Age, Hobbies & More

Kesi’s Instagram appears to have been wiped of any posts before the fall of 2022, right before The Mole debuted on Netflix. Her IG is as much as an enigma as her gameplay.

Nevertheless, her IG reveals she is still an avid volleyball player and also loves mountain biking. She also has a wicked sense of humor.

Kesi is 27 years-old and her birthday falls within the Zodiac sign of Libra. She has three older brothers and grew up in Kentucky, but now lives in New York City.

She’s also very adventurous, climbing two mountains over 5,400 meters high! Kesi also likes to travel, recently making trips to Mexico and Greece.

Lots Of Clues Point To Kesi Being The Mole

For the first few episodes Kesi stayed under the radar of any suspicions she was the mole. However, as the show began to progress a lot of fans began suspecting Kesi’s the saboteur of the group. She started off gaining the trust of other competitors by helping Avori untie the cargo tied in a net up in a tree. But after that most of Kesi’s game decisions raise a ton of red flags. She failed to see that the key was outside the prison door. She couldn’t decipher the code in the names of account holders during the bank heist (and she’s literally a top-level coder). If those actions weren’t already sus as hell, the elimination quizzes she has a bad poker face of acting surprised when her phone turns green, telling her she’s still in the game.

For these reasons, and ones mentioned earlier, The Mole fans are pretty convinced Kesi’s the mole. Fans will need to tune into the finale on Netflix on Friday to find out for certain, though.

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