The Mole’s Avori: Gamer Job, Age, IG, Relationship Status & More

The Mole's Avori: Gamer Job, Age, IG, Relationship Status & More

Netflix’s reboot of reality TV show The Mole has introduced us to a lot of fierce competitors, but maybe no one as competitive as professional gamer Avori Henderson. The Mole‘s Avori is a trailblazing female video game player who also happens to be a stunning model. The Mole fans are impressed with her top-tier gamesmanship throughout the first eight episodes of the show all about subterfuge. From purposefully dropping an oxygen tank during the treasure hunt mission, to stalling and slowing down her group during the mail run, to not finding the number on a pizza box until the last minute, Avori continues to cunningly leave ruses she’s the mole when she almost certainly is not. But she isn’t that obvious either, leaving her cast mates second-guessing.

Professional Gamer & Mole Contestant Avori Henderson With Her Pet Dog

Professional gamer & The Mole contestant Avori Henderson with her pet puppy (Instagram).

Knowing Avori’s background as an expert in playing video games it makes a lot of sense why she’s got killer instincts and made it to the season finale of The Mole. Here’s everything viewers need to know about The Mole‘s Avori Henderson.

The Mole‘s Avori Henderson Works As A Professional Gamer

Avori is a former model who competed in beauty pageants before she got into gaming as a living. She has previously talked about the great contrast between the two jobs. As a model she was encouraged to embrace her femininity, but in gaming it’s a very male-dominated industry. That spurred Avori to become women’s rights activist in the gaming space. She works hard to encourage more women into embracing their love of gaming. She even created the first all-female PUBG Tournament. The battle royale event also raised over $10,000 for charity and had over 150,000 viewers tune in. On top of that, as an influencer Avori gets big sponsorship deals to endorse products.

She’s currently signed to professional gamer esports organization XSET and used to be a very popular Twitch streamer. She left the live-stream gamer platform for Facebook Gaming. The Ford Models signed beauty has proven she’s a lot more than just another pretty face. Her day-to-day knowledge of game theory gives her a huge advantage over the other contestants on The Mole.

On top of building up a gamer audience of millions, and professionally modeling, Avori is also a world traveler.

The Mole Cast Member Avori Henderson Modeling While Traveling

The Mole cast member Avori Henderson often models in exotic, beautiful locales around the world (Instagram).

Avori Posing With A Motorcycle

Avori also loves driving luxury motorcycles and cars (Instagram).

Avori’s Age, Relationship Status, Instagram, TikTok & More

Avori Henderson's Birthday And Age

For a lot of nerdy men out there, Avori would be their dream girl. Unsurprisingly, however, a hot catch (unicorn, really) like Avori is already taken. She’s married to Australian filmmaker and photographer David Strib.

Avori’s Instagram shares a lot of her gaming and modeling work. She also shares the songs she creates as a musician, too. She also shares her love of luxury cars, clothing and overall highly glamorous life. Avori’s TikTok is also wildly successful with 750,000 followers. Most recently she’s been posting funny The Mole reaction videos to her account.

Avori’s birthday is May 15 and she is currently 26 years-old. She’s a Taurus, which makes sense because her Zodiac signs animal is the bull.

The blonde bombshell lives in Malibu, California, with her husband and dog.

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