Where The Mole Is Filmed: All The Australia Locations Listed

Where The Mole Is Filmed: All The Australia Locations Explained

Netflix‘s reboot of the hit reality TV competition show The Mole takes viewers to some exotic locations on the continent and country of Australia. Viewers of the show are treated to some truly spectacular landscapes and rich historical buildings throughout the show’s journey. Here are all the different Australian locations missions and challenges took place on Netflix’s The Mole.

The Mole Episode 1 Takes Place in the Daintree Rainforest, Oldest Jungle in The World

Osei, Joi, Sandy & Samara Get Lost In Daintree Rainforest

Osei, Joi, Sandy & Samara get lost in Daintree Rainforest during episode of The Mole (Netflix).

The cast members start off the show searching for lost cargo from a plane crash in the middle of a jungle. It turns out they’re in the oldest rainforest in the world, the Daintree Rainforest. It’s located in Australia’s Queensland state, and the government is working to preserve the tropical forest that once covered the entire continent. Fans will recall Joi, Osei, Sandy and Samara got lost when in the Daintree Rainforest when they were trying to find their crate.

The rainforest also has some dangerous critters in its midst. Australia’s Saltwater Crocodiles are found throughout the riverbeds in Australia’s rainforest and one average kill two people a year. The cast also had to watch out for ticks, leeches and snakes while they were competing in the Daintree Rainforest.

The Mole Episode 2’s Brisbane Prison, Boggo Road Gaol

The Mole's Prison Location Is Boggo Road Gaol, Infamous in Brisbane

In the second episode of The Mole, contestants had to break out of Brisbane’s abandoned prison, Boggo Road Gaol (Netflix).

The infamous Brisbane prison called Boggo Road Gaol (jail spelled differently) was closed over 30 years ago due to poor prisoner conditions. The prison also was the site for 42 hanging executions of criminals. Near the time the prions was closed, the prison became infamous across Australia for having the worst conditions of any jail. Since closing, the prison is open for history and ghost tours.

The Mole Episode 3 The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Location In The Mole Episode 3

The contestants worked together to try and retrieve cases of cash from underwater off the coast of Australia near the Great Barrier Reef in The Mole‘s third episode (Netflix).

In the third episode the contestants split up into two teams, an air team and a water team. During this mission they were looking for a beached dinghy from the skies of the Great Barrier Reef area that spans 2,900 separate reefs that house a great diversity of sea life, including clownfish, sharks, manta rays, turtles and whales.

The Mole Episode 4’s Bank Location Is New South Wales Building, Charters Towers

The Mole's Episode 4 Location Was Bank of New South Wales building, Charters Towers

In episode of Netflix’s The Mole, contestants had to perform a bank heist in old gold mining town Ravenswood from one of the oldest banks in Australia (Netflix).

Half the contestants had to steal exactly $10,000 USD by pooling together cash from a bunch of different currencies and using a currency convertor. The other team had to find gold bars in safety deposit boxes. The location of the bank heist was well-known bank, Bank of New South Wales building, Charters Towers. The building is a designated heritage site and was constructed to protect the gold and wealth accumulated from mining the local areas. Before it was built, there were timber banks that were vulnerable to robberies.

Episode 5’s Mail Run Mission’s Location Is Rural Town Gympie

Rural Town Of Gympie Is The Mole's Episode 5 Location

In episode 5, The Mole‘s contestants collected mail packages and tried to make it to the train station in the rural town of Gimpie before the train arrived to increase the money prize pot (Netflix).

In the fifth episode of Netflix’s The Mole, contestant performed the mail run mission. Contestants split into three teams, one delivering mail by train, another picking up packages by car, and a third group picking up packages by foot. The mission took place in and around the rural city of Gympie. The city is located in the scenic Mary Valley, in Queensland, and has a population of 53,000. The city gets flooded by the Mary River fairly often over the years because of its located around it.

The Mole‘s Episode 6 Mountaineering Mission Takes Place At Blue Mountains

The Mole's Mountaineering Mission Location Was Blue Mountains

The mountaineering mission in episode 6 of The Mole took place in the Blue Mountains (Netflix).

Contestants had to climb Australia’s Blue Mountains in New South Wales in episode 6 of The Mole. The Gundungurra are the aboriginal people who have lived in the area before colonization. The mountain area borders not too far from the Australia’s capital city, Sydney.

The Mole‘s Episode 7 & 8’s Location Is Sydney

The last two episodes before the finale take place in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. The undisclosed art gallery is located near the Sydney Opera House. In episode 8, the final contestants are near a park at the top of Chifley Tower (the second tallest in the city), pigeon coop, and pizza parlor. The final episode appears to go back in the mountains, but this time snowcapped ones! Although a lot of people assume all of Australia is hot, the highest mountains in Australia are actually quite cold and have snow on them. The final mission of The Mole in the finale episode takes place in the Australian Alps.

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