Nadia From Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

One bad decision can brand you as a villain for a long, long time in the world of reality TV. The first and only thing everyone wants to talk about when it comes to 32-year-old event planner Nadia Jagessar is hoaw she dumped her lawyer friend Shekhar Jayaraman and broke his heart to chase after the much younger comedian Vishal Kal, only to be dumped in turn. It was a satisfying bit of karma, but this can’t be all there is to Nadia. What else is there to know about her?

She’s Of Mixed Heritage

Nadia Jagessar is the only person on the show who is of Indo-Guyanese ancestry. Though Guyana is a South American country, both it and India were British colonies and laborers from India were brought to Guyana in the 1800s. Today, Indo-Guyanese people are the largest group in Guyana. Sadly, Nadia has gone on the record about being treated in a discriminatory way and not being accepted by mainland Indians, not just on the show but through her life.

She Frequently Attends Caribana And Loves Soca And Reggae

Caribana is the largest cultural festival in North America, taking place each year in the Canadian city of Toronto, Canada. In an interview with Brown Girl Magazine, Nadia Jagessar spoke about her frequent attendance at the festival, and, if you’re dating her, you’d better not switch the station away from her beloved Caribbean music!

She’s A Skilled Bollywood Dancer

Nadia Jagessar’s IMDB page has a link to AATMA Performing Arts, a well known Bollywood dance company and school. She’s most closely affiliated with a cover of the song/dance “Dholida” from the 2018 film Loveyatri. So, it seems that she’s integrated both parts of her heritage very well!

Nadia Runs A Thriving Wedding Planning Business

There were no wedding bells for Nadia Jagessar on Indian Matchmaking, but her Euphoria Events brand has organized several successful weddings. While Nadia and her team specialize in Indian-themed events, the business page shows people of all backgrounds on their special days.

She Markets Several Cosmetics and Fragrances

Sahajan Skincare and Givaudan Fragrances both count Nadia Jagessar as one of their spokespeople. She can be found doing giveaways and promotions all over her socials.

Nadia Supports Other Female Creators of Colour

Nadia Jagessar is a fixture at promotions for other Netflix creations by brown women, such as Aliaa Bhatt’s Darlings, or actresses such as Never Have I Ever’s Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, or even South Asian fashion designers, The Riya Collective.

She Has A Serious Sweet Tooth

Nadia Jagessar has one major snack food weakness, and that’s Oreo cookies. She’ll even munch on one while fully made up. The more stuffing, the better, as far as she’s concerned! She also loves sweet colorful drinks and rich white wine.

Cooking Is Not One Of Nadia’s Strengths

Nobody’s good at everything, and everyone has a bad day in the kitchen now and again, but Nadia Jagessar has made it very clear that whoever she marries will have to handle cooking duties for her. Even toast is a bit too much for her to manage!

She’s A Shameless Doggo Mama

Nadia is never far from her pup Millie. The Havanese will celebrate her second dog birthday in November of 2022. Like her mom, Millie enjoys scarves, sugary drinks, and travelling.

Holla If You Are Talla

Nadia Jagessar is very proud of her 5’9 height. One of the main requirements she specified for Sima Aunty is that whoever she dates be taller than she is. She states that most of the men who approach her are shorter than her.

She’s Been Modelling For A Long Time

One of Nadia Jagessar’s earliest Insta posts, dating way back to 2012, shows her at age 15 modeling. Other times, she shows off her early stabs at modelling in #tbt posts. She has definitely come a long way since then.

She Has A Little Brother

Nadia’s younger brother Robert works with the New Jersey based leadership organization, The Siegfried Group. They are very close and Nadia is always around for his birthday celebrations.

Hey There, Sports Fans

Nadia has a sporty side, partnering with basketball teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers or taking in a Yankees game. Sometimes, she’ll even feature the Adidas logo. She reveals in one post that she’s an ex-lacrosse and basketball player, and though she puts a lot of her energy into dance these days, she’ll always be a fan.

She Earned Her MBA in 2018

A graduate of Rutgers in NJ, Nadia celebrated her graduation from Seton Hall’s marketing school four years ago. Her skills extend from digital marketing to research and social media optimization. She boasts a stacked LinkedIn profile.

Nadia is An Outspoken Progressive

Posts supporting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, showing off the Pride colours, or announcing her COVID vaccinations are easy to find on her social media timeline.

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