What Happened To Ashton After Below Deck Season 7

What Happened to Ashton After Below Deck Season 7

Below Deck fans will not soon forget the Bru Crew. They wreaked havoc on the second half of the show’s 7th season. The ring leader (while mastermind may have been Chef Kevin Dobson) was Bosun Ashton Pienaar, returning after season 6. By the reunion episode, fans were full of disdain for Ashton’s misogynistic and bullying behavior in Thailand. So, after finishing starring on the show on a a very sour note, what happened to Ashton from Below Deck season 7 after 2019?

Throughout his time as bosun on superyacht Valor in Thailand, Ashton and the rest of the male Bru Crew got rip-roaring drunk on nights out. Although he had the respect of deckhands Brian de Saint Pern, Tanner Sterback and Abbi Murphy (before she ran off with her fiancé), Ashton feuded with Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain and fellow season 6 returnee Rhylee Gerber. He had some personal lows, mainly kissing Kate twice without permission, acting out in aggression by punching a van window, and allowing his deck team to bully Rhylee. Below Deck fans had high expectations for Ashton’s promotion at the start of the new season because he had survived nearly drowning after getting pulled into the water by rope tying to his leg.

So, after Ashton said he was his own worst enemy in Below Deck season 7 and that he quit drinking, did he turn his life around?

Ashton Became A Successful Business Owner & Personal Trainer After Below Deck season 7

Ashton Pienaar didn’t let his setbacks and bad behavior from Below Deck season 7 keep him down. He took ownership for his transgressions and apologized to both Kate and Rhylee for how he mistreated them. He also dedicated himself to becoming sober after he reflected on how his bad actions often occurred after heavy drinking.

On top of that, shortly after his last season on Below Deck, Ashton launched his own personal fitness company, AP Elite Fitness. He and his team of personal trainers help women lose weight by putting them on a fitness training program tailored to the individual.

Many of his clients have had great results, losing lots of weight and getting into shape. Ashton promotes his business, his fitness life style and shares success stories of clients on his successful Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channel.

Ashton & His Serious Girlfriend Bought A House Together

Ashton’s fitness training and weight loss business has done so well that he’s now bought a new home with his girlfriend.

In June 2022, Ahston shared pictures of his new home that’s currently under construction. Ashton, and his girlfriend Sarah, also started making videos about health and fitness called “Chats with Bae”.

Below Deck fans are generally positive and happy for Ashton’s redemption arc since leaving the show. He also kept to his promise to himself to quit drinking. In 2021 he celebrated his first year of sobriety.

Unlike a lot former reality TV cast members who don’t show their best side while on TV, Ashton turned his life around and is helping others do the same. Below Deck fans hope he keeps up the hard work and positivity in the future.

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