What Happened to Brian After Below Deck Season 7

What Happened To Brian After Below Deck Season 7

Fans started off really liking Lead Deckhand Brian de Saint Pern for the first half of Below Deck season 7 on superyacht Valor. They thought Brian was chivalrous in courting promoted Second Stew Courtney Skippon. However, his character portrayal took a turn for the worse when he embraced the testosterone-charged Bru Crew. He ended up playing with Courtney’s emotions to get what he wanted and calling Chief Stew Kate Chastain a “b****”, slowly transforming him from knight to neanderthal. So what happened to the South African bodybuilder Brian after Below Deck season 7’s curtain fell?

Brian Continues to Work In Yachting Industry After Below Deck

Brain Working Hard In Greece on a Superyacht after Below Deck Season 7

Brian working hard as a bosun on a superyacht in Greece after Below Deck season 7 ended (Instagram).

After Below Deck season 7 filming ended in March 2019 in Thailand, Brian continued to work in the yachting industry as a decky (he’s not a yachtie!). He even took training in yachting capital Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to get certifications to one day become a captain.

Brian working as the bosun on a superyacht in Greece

Brian announces he’s been promoted to the level of bosun on a superyacht he worked on in Greece (Instagram).

Brian worked on superyachts in Greece and Abu Dhabi since starring on Below Deck. He even got promoted to bosun, leading a superyacht deck team. He’s still working hard towards his goal of becoming a captain.

From time to time, Brian posts on Instagram reminiscing about being on Below Deck season 7 and wanting to return to the reality TV show. Apparently he still sees them as his glory days despite the backlash. It’s unlikely the majority female fanbase will ship him getting a redemption arc.

Brian Wants To Star On Below Deck Again

Brian posts that he wants to be on Below Deck again since only starring as lead deckhand in Below Deck season 7 (Instagram).

Below Deck Season 7's Brian Working On Another Yacht After Show

Brian appears to be single still after breakup with Courtney in Below Deck season 7 and continues to enjoy a lot of attention from the fairer sex (Instagram).

Besides working hard superyacht deck teams, he also still plays hard. The South African has traveled and partied around the world since Below Deck season 7. He has toured Spain, France, Indonesia and more. While working and traveling the world, Brain continues his passion for surfing. He’s also taken up free-diving and recently went 10 meters below without an oxygen tank.

Brian free-diving

Brian learns to free-dive, holding his breath under water while going deep below the ocean’s surface (Instagram).

Brian Appears Single & Just Celebrated His 34th Birthday

Brian Celebrating His 34th Birthday While Working On A Superyacht

He cuts his 34th birthday cake while working on a superyacht in August 2022.

Brian just celebrated turning 34-years-old on August 11, while working on a superyacht. (He was age 30 when filming Below Deck season 7.)

After his messy breakup and relationship with Courtney while on the show, Brian appears to have stayed single. However, he does post a lot of pictures of him having fun with the ladies in his life.

The Fallout For Brian After Breakup With Courtney On Below Deck Season 7

After Brian repeatedly got mad and aggressive towards Courtney, fans saw a different side of Brian.

Before that, Brain took Courtney on a tender ride and another date. He took his time getting to know the Canadian beauty from Vancouver, BC. He even called out his fellow Deckhand Tanner Sterback for his disrespect of his relationship with Second Stew Simone Mashile. But as the season progressed, he appeared to grow tired of playing the nice guy. He repeatedly demanded Courtney take the bru crew side on arguments. When she didn’t comply, he would get cold with her and give her rude body language.

Near the end of the charter season, Brian sent Courtney a text basically breaking up with her. “We are just having fun right?” he asked. Courtney confided in Chief Stew Kate Chastain after she asked what was up. Chef Kevin Dobson told Brian that Courtney was upset, and then he went on the muscle. Saying she wasn’t loyal and not share their business with crew. Meanwhile, any issues he had with Courtney he openly griped about with his brus.

It also later came out Brian was texting with model Molly OConnell, a charter guest from late in season 7, while dating Courtney. When they met up with Molly in the club after the charter, Courtney says Brian pulled her away from Molly’s friend so that the two wouldn’t interact.

The verdict from fans was that Brian played with Courtney’s emotions. Fans said he was gaslighting Courtney and getting aggressive in his tone and attitude when she didn’t agree or go along with what he is saying.

Below Deck season 7’s bad behavior didn’t get resolved in the reunion episode. When Courtney confronted Brian for putting all of the blame on her, he called “really dramatic”.

Courtney said, “I had to block him because he kept sending me aggressive messages about what I said on the episode.” She also says Brian called her “a cold-hearted woman” and, “he doesn’t know what he ever saw” in her.

It’s unclear if Brian has learned any life lessons from his behavior when dating Courtney.

Brian Enjoys Spending Time With His Mom & Daughter

Although many viewers found Brian’s actions towards Courtney appalling, he appears to have a lot of love for the women and girls in his life.

Brian’s Instagram includes posts of him spending time with his daughter, mom, niece and nephew.

Below Deck Season 7's Brian With His Duagher & Mom

Below Deck season 7’s Brain spending quality time with his mom and daughter (Instagram).

Throughout season 7 Brian let the audience know his daughter was the apple of his eye.

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