What Happened to Captain Lee After Below Deck Season 9

Captain Lee From Below Deck: What Happened To Him After Season 9

Below Deck fans love Captain Lee Rosbach because of his acerbic one-liner quips, wisdom, tough-but-fair leadership and his command of his crew. Below Deck season 10 comes out in late October or early November and fans are wondering what happened to Captain Lee after Below Deck season 9.

Last Below Deck season proved to be a tough charter season for the “stud of the sea” and the rest of the cast. Captain Lee started the charter season late due to heart surgery from a condition. Throughout the season, First Officer Eddie Lucas couldn’t get the deck crew in order. He also failed to inform Rosbach about the N-word controversy between Rayna Lindsey and Chief Stew Heather Chase. On top of that, Third Stew Jessica Albert quit the day of a new charter. Despite all the struggles, the Below Deck season 9 tip money was very good.

So, what has Captain Lee been up to since Below Deck season 9 ended? How’s his health, and did he come back to film Below Deck season 10?

Captain Lee Had Further Health Problems After Below Deck Season 9

Captain Lee, age 72, underwent spinal surgery in late 2021 for severe spinal stenosis.

At the time of surgery, Below Deck season 9 was airing weekly on Bravo. Fans were attacking Rosbach online for not firing Heather and staying silent about it on his now-defunct blog. Meanwhile, he was recovering from his spinal surgery all week in the middle of December, so he hadn’t had time to react.

Before his heart surgery and spinal surgery, Captain Lee had previous health problems. In 2015, he had foot surgery. In 2018, he had foot surgery again! Back at the start of Below Deck season 8, Captain Lee slipped in the shower and thought he had broken some ribs. Instead, he had a bruise the “size of a football” and was late showing up for the charter season.

Superfans spotted Below Deck Med‘s Captain Sandy Yawn on Below Deck season 10’s superyacht in the midway through filming the show. Fans speculate Captain Sandy gets called in to replace Captain Lee at the beginning of the charter season or midway due to his ailing health.

Despite his recent health issues and rumors of more problems, Captain Lee is doing well. He posted himself driving his motorcycle in his home state of Florida at the end of August. Captain Lee will celebrate his 73rd birthday on November 15.

Captain Lee Riding His Motorcycle in Florida After Below Deck Season 9

Rosbach rode his motorcycle in Key West, Florida, at the end of summer 2022 (Instagram).

Captain Lee Celebrated His 46th Wedding Anniversary With His Wife

Not long after Below Deck season 9 wrapped up filming, Captain Lee and his wife Mary Anne celebrated their 46th wedding anniversary. The OG Below Deck captain took his wife to Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys.

At the resort they enjoyed catching some sun poolside, ate at fine dining restaurants and caught a sunset cruise.

Captain Lee Swimming in Hawks Cay Resort Pool

Captain Lee swimming in Hawks Cay Resort pool on his wedding anniversary (Instagram).

Captain Lee and his Wife Mary Anne Celebrating Their 46th Wedding Anniversary

Captain Lee and his wife Mary Anne enjoying their 46th wedding anniversary (Instagram).

He also gets sponsorship deals to promote products on his Instagram.

Besides spending time with his grandkids and the rest of the family, he’s also kept in good touch with longtime Below Deck co-star, Chief Stew Kate Chastain. Over the past couple of years Captain Lee’s Instagram shows the colleagues met up at least six times. Apparently Kate is a fan of Captain Lee’s cooking and Kobe beef chili cheese dogs.

While living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Captain Lee likes to golf, motorcycle and workout.

Captain Lee is also still good friends with Eddie despite him not being impressed with the first officer’s performance in season 9. At the start of October they did a meet and greet with Below Deck fans together.

Below Deck Stars Captain Lee, Eddie Lucas & Colin Macy-O'Toole At A Fan Meet And Greet

Below Deck stars Captain Lee, Eddie Lucas & Colin Macy-O’Toole at a fan meet and greet (Instagram).

Fans can find out what happened to the rest of the Below Deck season 9 cast here.

Captain Lee also looked healthy and in good spirits when he attended BravoCon 2022 in New York City in mid October.

Captain Lee Continues Raising Addiction Awareness After Son’s Tragic Overdose Death

Captain Lee continues to raise awareness for mental health and drug addiction. His one son died of an accidental drug overdose in 2019. He went to Washington D.C. in late 2021 to speak to Congress. There he advocated for changes needed to help those suffering from mental health conditions and drug addiction.

Captain Lee also created a scholarship giving someone struggling with addiction free in-house care each year to honor his late son.

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