What Happened To Jessica After Below Deck Season 9

What Happened To Jessica Albert After Below Deck Season 9

Below Deck Third Stewardess Jessica Albert lasted nine episodes before she decided to quit working on superyacht My Seanna. Even though she only lasted half the charter season, fans still want to know what happened to Jessica after Below Deck season 9.

Fans will recall Jessica never really fit in with the rest of the interior team while on the reality TV show. Chief Stewardess Heather Chase and Second Steward Fraser Olender found Jess to be very slow at her job and that she made a lot mistakes. However, some fans believe Heather was mean and hard on Jess because she planned all along to chase fame with her bestie Kaylee Milligan.

Jessica was banished a lot of the time to the laundry room. When she was allowed to serve charter guests, she had some awkward moments. Eventually Heather gave Jess and ultimatum to pick up the pace or walk the plank. Jessica decided to quit on the day before a next charter, leaving Heather and Fraser in the lurch. Fans attacked Jessica for being lazy, but it turns out there was more to the story.

What Happened To Jessica After Below Deck Season 9 & She May Be Dating A Guy

After quitting the show, Jessica settled back in Boca Grande, Florida. Before Below Deck, she traveled and lived various places while she was working as a yachting stewardess. She worked in the British Virgin Islands, Seattle, Alaska, British Columbia, Boston, and New York while yachting. Since the show, Jessica works in sales and catering for historic resort The Gasparilla Inn & Club, based in south-west Florida. On the reunion episode she said she loves her job. For side hustles, Jessica still looks for freelance yachting stewardess jobs and makes necklaces from beachcombing treasures.

Jessica At Her Job in Florida

Jessica shares a photo of a grandpa with his grand-daughter at her job at a hotel in Florida (Instagram).

Jessica doesn’t share a lot on her Instagram, but she recently posted a picture of what appears to be her kissing a new mystery man she may be dating.

Fans were rooting for a boatmance between Jess and Deckhand and Captain Wes O’Dell. Unfortunately the stars weren’t aligned, and their romance never went anywhere. Jessica revealed on the reunion that she was very interested in Wes but that he had no game. Wes explained that he never got strong signals from Jess so he didn’t make a move.

Since the show aired, though, Wes started a relationship with Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 Stew Gabriela Barragan. Ironically, Gabriela also quit her season, just like Jessica.

Why Jess Quit Below Deck Season 9

In the Below Deck season 9 reunion episode Jessica explained why she struggled to keep up pace. Jess said she lost 15 pounds because her anxiety was through the roof from filming every hour, day and night. Jessica previously worked as a solo stew for a small private yacht, so she wasn’t used to the pace of a charter superyacht. She also claimed she was bullied by Heather and Fraser. She alleged they wouldn’t talk to her at all except to give orders. On top of that, Jessica’s grandparents, who she cared for before going on the show, were having health problems.

Fraser and Heather vehemently deny the claims they were mean to Jessica. They said they were sick of picking up the slack for her. Heather also pointed out that Jessica never came to her with her issues with anxiety or her grandparents’ health problems. In the end, Jessica quit because of her deteriorating health caused by starring in a reality TV show.

After quitting the show, Jessica’s health got better and she’s now flourishing in Florida.

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