Physical 100: What Happened To Woo Jin-Yong, Season 1 Winner?

Physical 100: What Happened To Woo Jin-Yong, Season 1 Winner?

What do you do after you outlast 100 athletes from your country in spectacular fashion? You get 3 million won (close to $250,000 USD) and the unofficial designation of having “the perfect body”. That’s what happened to Woo Jin-Yong after winning the first season of Physical 100. If you were watching the first season, you remember that he was basically an unknown until close to the end of the show. Careful reading of his IG provided clues of his win, but it was anyone’s game right up until the end. Indeed, even in the final challenges, his strategy seemed to be to pace himself and outlast other competitors.

The crossfitter, snowboarder, and coach’s balanced approach kept his head above water as others’ weaknesses caught up to them. But once the cameras were turned off and the last plaster bust was smashed, what happened to Woo Jin-Yong? Let’s go back to his socials and investigate.

What Happened To Woo Jin-Yong? Controversy over Victory, Show Friends, Instagram Follower Growth

Woo Jin-Yong running the half marathon in Seoul, South Korea, after winning the show

Woo Jin-Yong running the half marathon in Seoul, South Korea, after winning the show (Instagram).

Things didn’t start off particularly well for Woo Jin-Yong after the show. He had to deal with backlash over the final event between him and cyclist Jung Hae-Min allegedly being rigged.  Apparently the rope-pulling race needed to be stopped twice. First, Woo Jin-Yong complained of a problem with his equipment, and then the audio recording malfunctioned. Importantly, Woo raised the objection when he was behind, and the event had to be restarted twice. Jung didn’t want to do the rematch, which further complicated matters. It got so bad that popular Physical 100 contestant, bodybuilder Ma Sun-Ho, who did a video with Woo, got some of the backlash on him. For his part, Woo has accepted the controversy as part of his “journey as a sportsman.”

Woo did release a statement on his Instagram disputing the claim that he raised his hand to stop the competition. (A translation can be found here.) Speaking of which, Woo’s IG has grown to a sizable 62.4 followers. He has posted a picture with Jung, showing that there is no bad blood between them. Plus, he got a picture with other competitors Dustin Nippert, Kim Min-Cheol, Choo Sung-Hoon and Shin Bo-Mi-Re. He is also friends with Dong Hyun “Stun-Gun” Kim, who will be appearing in Physical 100 season 2.

What Happened To Woo Jin-Yong? Endorsements, Training, Charity Work, Travel, Pet, Faith

Superstar Choo Sung-Hoon in particular has taken a liking to Woo. They appear together in hoodies as part of Choo’s Golden Concept clothing line. As is the case for many Physical 100 competitors, Woo’s life is mostly training, as he participated in the 2023 Seoul Half Marathon. However, he has taken time to visit locales like Namsan and participate in a version of the Ice Bucket Challenge. This charitable event was to support the construction of a hospital to treat Lou Gehrig’s disease. Boxer Shin Bo-Mi-Re was along for the ride and they shared some whiskey together, but there is no indication they are dating.

Woo’s pup Mikey is in his 15th year, and we hope he will be with his master for a lot longer. Woo has racked up his own endorsements, including one for Power Aide Zero, as well as Tag Heuer watches and Porsche automobiles. Faith continues to be an important part of Woo’s life, as he has a story dedicated to Isaiah 43:18. “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past” are words Woo lives by.

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