Physical 100’s Dustin Nippert: Age, Family, Other Shows, Job

Physical 100's Dustin Nippert: Age, Family, Other Shows, Job

One bad step was all it took for Physical 100‘s Dustin Nippert to lose Quest 4’s The Fire of Prometheus challenge. The legendary baseball pitcher’s considerable height worked against him when climbing over a wooden obstacle. He stumbled on the way down and seconds later he was eliminated. Although speedster luger Park Jin-Yong’s lightning-quick reflexes carried the day, cast members judged Nippert to have an advantage going in. The reasons are obvious: standing at a towering 6″ 7′, Nippert was the tallest of the 100 challengers. His combination of speed and power led him to be selected by the legendary Choo Sung-Hoon for his team. He shocked the other contestants by crossing the bridge in Quest 2’s Moving Sand with two full bags in about three strides.

Physical 100‘s Dustin Nippert also displayed excellent judgement, especially in Quest 3’s ship-dragging challenge. There, he busted open the wooden treasure chest with a pinpoint hammer strike to the hinges. Other contestants wasted valuable time smashing away at the wood and Nippert’s team of 10 achieved the fastest time. The 41-year old Virginia-born Nippert, whose first language is English but is fluent in Korean, is another elite athlete who just got unlucky. We know he has a considerable following in Korea, but his quiet nature means he rarely stole the spotlight. What else can we find out about this standout Westerner?

Physical 100‘s Dustin Nippert: A Successful American Transplant

Doosan baseball pitcher Dustin Nippert

Doosan baseball pitcher Dustin Nippert (Instagram).

After 6 years with Major League Baseball, pitching for the Diamondbacks and the Rangers, Nippert was traded to the Korean Baseball Organization in 2011. He had an average record as a pitcher in the USA, but in Korea he became a dominant force. He was best known for his six years with the Doosan Bears, leading them to the championship in 2015 and 2016. The record for the highest paid foreign athlete with the KBO belongs to him, a cool $2.1 million. He is a league MVP and Golden Gloves champion for 2016, as well as the leader for wins and the lowest earned-run average. Nippert married a Korean bride in 2014, but her name is unknown. The couple have two children, Levi and Owen.

Physical 100‘s Dustin Nippert: A Dedicated Dad

Pics of Nippert with his kids are available on Instagram, but Nippert himself doesn’t appear to have an account. In many cases, their faces, and the face of his wife, have been blurred out. He just seems very protective of his privacy. However, he has allowed documentary makers to highlight a trip with him and his sons to Yeongwol. The documentary, called “United Fathers“, deals with foreigners raising children in Korea. Nippert and his boys travel to the remote country location to spend some time in nature.

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