Love Is Blind: Meet Alexa’s Rich Dad & Family From Season 3

Love Is Blind: Meet Alexa's Rich Dad & Family From Season 3

After meeting Israeli princess Alexa Alfia’s dad, she and country boy Brennon Lemieux could go the distance on Love Is Blind season 3. We know they make it to the altar as previews show Alexa in her wedding dress and Brennon in his suit. Jealous Matt and flighty Colleen might not even be that lucky. Raven Ross’s friends were undersold on square SK even though the previews show us the moment before their vows. Bartise and Nancy are always running into obstacles and running out of steam just as fast. Zanab and Cole have practically broken up twice already even though they get to their wedding day. The odd-ball couple of Alexa and Brennon might win by default at the rate things are going. It helps that Alexa enjoys their sex life with a ravenous appetite for time in the bedroom and Brennon’s willingness to sign a prenup and convert to Judaism if he gets her love.

If the wily cowboy plays his cards right he could be set for life, and he likely knows it. That’s why he was so nervous meeting Alexa’s Kardashian-like family. Fans hated how they turned up their noses at Brennon’s humble roots and relatively modest bank account. But Brennon took the grilling like a champ. He even laughed along when Alexa’s dad Adam jokingly threatened to circumcise him with a Bowie knife. He also let Brennon know Alexa wouldn’t stay married to a chump. Alexa’s dad Adam’s vast business empire certainly makes him the complete opposite of a chump. Let’s take a closer look at the weird and wealthy Alfia family. Maybe we’ll answer some questions about why Alexa doesn’t need to worry about paying bills, too.

Alexa Alfia’s Rich Dad: An Israeli Financial Force

Love Is Blind Season 3's Alexa Alfia's Dad Adam & Family Grill Brennon

Love Is Blind Season 3’s Alexa Alfia’s Dad Adam & family grill Brennon (Netflix).

Unlike Terry Bradshaw and his daughters, Alexa Alfia’s dad Adam doesn’t seem to meddle directly in his children’s lives. He just owns a ton of businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and likely exerts financial influence that way.

“We live a very affluent lifestyle. And when I thought about Alexa marrying somebody, it’s a little bit different than what I thought she would marry, but they 100 percent have my blessing,” Alexa’s dad says on the show.

According to his Facebook, Adam Alfia’s business interests include everything from nightclubs to chicken and pizza restaurants to bars to gyms. His gym business, Neon Cycle + Strength, is owned by Adam’s wife Morgan Alfia, Alexa’s stepmom.

We also know Alexa inherited her insurance job with Allstate from her mother. Alexa’s uncle Kfir helped found two other companies, Real Time Feedback and Maestro Personal Assistants with his brother. It seems that for the Alfia family, business and family are not separate at all. Listing your children as employees is also a smart move when it comes to taxes, or writing off personal expenses as business expenses, something perhaps Alexa is benefitting from in this situation, but who knows.

We don’t know this from the show, but it’s more than likely that someone as rich as Adam would invest in real estate and spread around the wealth to family members. What if Alexa’s gorgeous condo is in a building her dad owned? It’d certainly explain why she has all that money for her endless new outfits, which she never wears twice.

Love Is Blind Brennon Better Not Mess Around With The Alfia Family

Alexa Alfia’s Dad knows his way around a vehicle. He got his start in the auto repair business. This is probably why Brennon gets a question about his ride during the meet-the-parents session. And a handy dude like Brennon, especially with a background in electrical engineering, could be very useful when it comes to keeping up all those businesses. Who needs to mess around with contractors when you have a son-in-law who needs to put that work in to keep up Alexa’s high standard of living? His water treatment engineer salary that averages an annual take home of $71,000 certainly isn’t going to cut it. Adam said he was going to be watching to see if Brennon was slacking off, and Brennon’s eager to please, so Alexa’s Dad might become Brennon’s new Sugar Daddy Boss.

Even after getting her dad’s approval, it looks like Alexa’s friends may be even tougher to win over for poor Brennon.

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