Perfect Match’s Georgia: THTH Star’s IG, Midwife Job, Dog, Age, More

Perfect Match's Georgia: THTH Star's IG, Midwife Job, Dog, Age, More

The current object of bad boy Chase DeMoore’s desire, Perfect Match‘s Georgia Hassarati is no stranger to rule-breaking. Her costly rule violations and constant partner-hopping on Too Hot To Handle season 3 make her an ideal contender for this couple-swapping show. Let’s hope, however, that someone explained to her that the point of the show is to leave with your Perfect Match, not break as many hearts as possible. While she’s great at attracting attention, her track record when it comes to staying with anyone is less impressive. The only question is whether Chase will dump her for someone else, or whether he will get too close and she’ll pull away.

The good news is that Georgia doesn’t have any exes hanging around on this show (yet anyway). Unless you count Izzy Fairthorne, with whom she shared a $3,000 kiss, there’s no old flames to tempt her. But considering she racked up an additional $12,000 in romantic damages before the season was over, she might find a way! The beautiful Aussie doesn’t mean to be bad, in fact, she seems very innocent, which makes things worse, of course. She’s just here to have a good time, which raises questions about whether she has the killer instinct needed to win the game. Her partner Chase certainly knows the rule, “All is fair in love and war”. Whatever happens, this 26-year-old brunette has already made a huge impact and she’s just getting started. Let’s learn some more about her and see whether the devil’s going to go down to Georgia.

Perfect Match‘s Georgia: Past Relationships & Breakups

Perfect Match's Georgia Hassarati celebrating her birthday on Dec. 10

Perfect Match‘s Georgia Hassarati celebrating her birthday on Dec. 10 (Instagram).

Georgia has been linked to three of her male Too Hot To Handle co-stars. First there was tattooed model Stevan Ditter, who pushed Georgia’s bad boy button. Then, in episode 6, rugby player Gerrie Labuschagne caught Georgia’s eye. Another brief relationship followed, and even though they went their separate ways they are still supportive of each other on social media. Finally, and most prominently, Georgia was involved in an on-again off-again roller coaster with model and entrepreneur Harry Jowsey (and Too Hot To Handle season 1 cast member). Fun fact: Georgia and Francesca Farago have Harry in common as an ex. Harry has been nothing but kind towards Georgia even though the experience was tough for him emotionally. Once again the evidence is clear: Georgia leaves a trail of broken hearts, but very few hurt feelings.

However, once Georgia joins Perfect Match she says she’s in a different mindset and wants to settle down with someone she can travel with and have kids.

Georgia Hassarati with her toy poodle

Georgia Hassarati with her toy poodle (Instagram).

Perfect Match’s Georgia: Job, IG, TikTok, YouTube & Dog Sponge

Georgia in Sydney, Australia

Georgia in Sydney, Australia (Instagram).

Georgia does have one constant companion, her toy poodle Sponge. Sponge became part of Georgia’s life in 2021, as a Christmas gift. Sponge is obviously a favorite on Georgia’s  Instagram, which has an impressive 986,000 followers. There, Chef G demonstrates her considerable cooking skills, shows off a wide variety of revealing outfits, and posts updates about her midwife work. Her patients seem to love her just as much as everyone else. Georgia loves vacation pics and can adapt to a snowy mountain as well as the Maldives. Another highlight is her many home movies of little Georgia, which show that she has loved the camera since being a young child. Georgia’s TikTok presence is also quite strong at 861,000 followers. She’s also got a YouTube account, Twitter as well as an Amazon storefront, but she pays little attention to those.

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