Love Is Blind’s Brennon: Engineering Job, Age, Instagram, More

Love Is Blind's Brennon: Engineering Job, Age, Instagram, More

When Brennon Lemieux told the Netflix‘s Love Is Blind season 3 team that he wanted “an alpha woman”, he got that and then some. The tall, rugged, grizzled Marlboro Man cowboy went head over heels for unapologetic plus-sized Alexa Alfia‘s take-charge personality. That was a heartwarming moment in and of itself. However, this was when they were on opposite sides of a wall. How would they react when they finally saw one another? Episode 1 ended on a cliffhanger and a “What the [bleep]?” from Alexa as the doors opened.

We quickly learned that Alexa was surprised, but in a good way. Since then, Love Is Blind‘s Brennon and Alexa appear completely crazy about one another. Brennon’s even promised to convert to Judaism. Fans were ecstatic to see how much Brennon was into his new fiancée and that their physical differences didn’t seem to matter at all. It turns out Brennon’s full of surprises. Let’s read on and find out more about the sweet nice guy.

Love Is Blind’s Brennon’s Job, Water Treatment Engineer Salary, Age, Instagram,

Love Is Blind's Brennon Lemieux Smiling For The Camera In Instagram Post

Love Is Blind‘s Brennon Lemieux smiles for the camera in an Instagram post where he hides his wedding ring yet again (Instagram).

Brennon definitely ain’t just all hat and no cattle. Not only does he have a background in pharmacy and engineering, he’s also got Air Force experience and has worked as an electrician. Fellow cast member Matt Bolton called him one of the smartest people he’s ever met in Episode 4. Brennon’s had more than his share of life experience, both good and bad. When he was on one knee with Alexa, he talked about having “negative money” at points in his life. Like Alexa, his parents split up when he was young.

His water treatment engineer salary doesn’t make a whole lot of money, only an average of $71,000 in Texas according to That won’t exactly impress Alexa’s dad, an extremely wealthy businessman.

While Alexa has her five siblings and a big extended family, it seems Brennon was on his own a lot of the time. On the surface, Brennon seems like a big old lovelorn, but in the teaser for the next batch of episodes, an older woman (Brennon’s mother?) implies that he has a tendency to run away.

Brennon From Love Is Blind Season 3 Hanging With Friends

Brennon Lemieux from Love Is Blind season 3 hanging with his buddies (Instagram).

32-year-old Brennon (on the show he’s age 30) has an aw-shucks air to him that starkly contrasts with Alexa’s extra. The Love Is Blind couple’s age gap is roughly 3.5 years (despite the show falsely claiming Alexa was age 29 at the time of filming). He certainly isn’t as much of a fan of social media as she is, posting far less often. Brennon’s Instagram shows his own understated style in those posts, and you can see him coyly hiding the fingers of his left hand in the most recent posts.

He and Alexa share a love of a good beverage, though she prefers martini glasses and he likes his booze bottled. Fans are pretty certain he got married to Alexa because he’s hiding his ring finger in pictures. They also appear to be one of the strongest couples to come out of the pods in Love Is Blind season 3.

Love Is Blind's Brennon And Alexa's Relationship Status

Love Is Blind season 3’s Brennon and Alexa appear to be one of the strongest couples from the show. Brennon’s Instagram appears to show him hiding a wedding ring, suggesting Brennon and Alexa got married (Netflix).

Love Is Blind's Brennon Likes To Joke On Instagram

Love is Blind‘s Brennon Lemieux likes to crack jokes in his posts, here joking about joining OnlyFans as he shows off his one foot for the camera (Instagram).

Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy

Brennon’s no stranger to a danger, but even he may have bitten off more than he can chew here. The challenge will be coming up against Alexa’s big, messy and extremely tightknit Israeli family. There’s also the chance that Brennon’s family may not be as welcoming of Alexa’s outspoken nature and her Jewish faith.

He and Alexa foreshadow this in a big way when the subject comes up in Episode 4. His family is all about sitting up straight and saying “Yes ma’am, no ma’am”. Hers is all about tough love and toughening each other up, even with healthy doses of profanity. Some fans have also pointed out how Brennon seems way more into Alexa than she is into him. That could just be Alexa trying to hide her insecurity, though.

We can only hope that this star-crossed couple doesn’t start a culture war. But the results could be entertaining either way.

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