Love Is Blind’s Alexa: Insurance Job, Age, IG, Birthday & More

Love Is Blind's Alexa: Insurance Job, Age, IG, Birthday & More

Confident, curvy Alexa Alfia made an immediate impact on Season 3 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind. She and country boy water engineer Brennon Lemieux fell for one another hard and fast. To say these two come from different worlds is a huge understatement. He’s a deeply traditional self-made Texan with a drawl and a cowboy hat. She’s a sharp-tongued and glamorous Israeli with a sweet and vulnerable side that we see when she breaks down in tears at Brennon’s open-hearted proposal.

Fans on Twitter went absolutely crazy for this opposites-attract pairing. On paper, they’re the couple with the best chance of success. They don’t have SK and Raven Ross‘s intimacy issues, nor Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed‘s trust issues, nor Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez’s maturity gap, nor Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey‘s back and forth bickering. However, all signs point to trouble ahead when their families get involved. It looks like Brennon might no be able to handle the cultural differences of Alexa’s boisterous Jewish family clan. For now, though, let’s get all of Love is Blind‘s Alexa’s background details out on the table.

Love Is Blind‘s Alexa Works As An Insurance Agent

Alexa attended Tel Aviv University and studied communications and media.

Alexa describes herself as “a mess” when opening up to her new love Brennon and asks him if he can handle it all. But in her professional life, Alexa makes sure she’s the one who makes sure her clients’ lives are covered. She’s the boss of her own insurance company, the Alexa Alfia Allstate Agency, according to LinkedIn. Alexa’s stepmom Morgan‘s family has worked for Allstate for 3 generations. Morgan sold the business to Alexa when she became pregnant with Alexa’s half-sister Emma. For some reason the link just redirects to the general Allstate page. Also, she doesn’t appear on the list of Allstate agents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She also comes from an uber wealth family with her rich dad Adam Alfia as the patriarch. She also has some super close friends, “her girls and her gays”, Orel, Alex, Leroy and Jared.

Alexa's Friends Orel & Alex From Love Is Blind Season 3

Alexa’s friends Orel & Alex from Love Is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

Love Is Blind‘s Alexa’s Birthday, Age, Zodiac Sign, Instagram

What’s not in doubt is Alexa’s commitment to friends, family, and having a great time. The 29 year-old celebrates her birthday on September 28th, which makes her a spotlight-loving Libra. Alexa and Brennon’s age gap is roughly 3.5 years. She celebrated her golden year in 2021 when she turned 28 on the 28th day of September. The Netflix show incorrectly says Alexa was age 29 on the show, she was actually 27. Alexa’s Instagram frankly has a ridiculous number of  clips showcasing cute moments with her very large family, her two dogs Tito and Loki, and almost every meal she’s eaten.

Her native language is Hebrew and she’s quite comfortable posting in both languages. She enjoys silly costumes and almost always has a drink in her hand.

Alexa & Brennon Likely Married & Are Still Together After Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind's Alexa & Brennon Still Together

Alexa and Brennon likely got married and are still together after Love is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

There’s definitely conflicting information here. On the one hand, Alexa has posted a clip of herself talking about “fundamentals” with Brennon in a deep heart-to-heart. She’s also shared a picture from the show of them together. It’d be weird if the brutally honest Alexa would have this attitude about Brennon if they didn’t make it. A few Redditors have advanced the theory that Alexa and Brennon have been hiding their wedding rings in their IG photos. On top of that, Alexa shared a post from a high school friend congratulating her for finding love on the show.

On the other hand, in a blink-and-you-missed-it clip from the teaser for the next episodes, Brennon is wearing what appears to be a wedding suit, being comforted by two older adults. He’s wearing a kippa, a head covering for Jewish men (or, men who happen to be marrying Jewish women), so we know this is at the wedding. Brennon is openly weeping, which is a big shift for the tough Texan. His distinctive voice is saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Is this just a tough moment for the couple? Happy tears? Creative editing? Or did Alexa leave Brennon standing at the altar?

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