Love Is Blind’s Matt: Job, Age, IG, Relationship Status & More

Love Is Blind's Matt: Job, Age, IG, Relationship Status & More

We’ve only watched four episodes of Love Is Blind season 3 so far. However, we’ve got a good sense of where the various couples are headed. Apparently potential infidelity even before we get to the altar is going to be a major theme of this season for everyone except Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia. Sadly, we almost certainly know the outcome for Love is Blind‘s Matt Bolton, the 28 year old aircraft salesman. He’s going to get his heart stomped on in a very ungraceful callous way by his fiancée, ballet dancer Colleen Reed. We also know he doesn’t take it well, as we see him visibly angry and shouting in the teaser at the end of Episode 4. Is he confronting Colleen, or is it her ex-interest Cole Barnett, who seems to be straying from his wife-to-be Zanab Jaffrey? The suspense is intense, but before we get there let’s review what we know about Matt Bolton.

Love Is Blind‘s Matt Job As An Aerospace Salesman & Instagram

Matt Bolton currently works as a Leviate Air Group, a private jet charter service based in Dallas Texas. Selling aircraft for Leviate Air Group is a lucrative job, and before that, he worked for aerospace manufacturer LFC Industries. His educational background is in mechanical engineering, which means he helps build planes, which is super cool. He’s a proud Cowboys fan, an avid golfer, and a doggo dad. Not only that, he can always be counted on to show up for his friends’ weddings. But, in one post showing him walking on a rocky beach, he quotes a Bible verse about staying strong through trials. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what he’s talking about here.

Love Is Blind Season 3's Matt Loves Golfing

Love Is Blind season 3’s Matt’s Instagram is almost completely devoid of posts since 2020, with only one highlighting his appearance on the show. It’s clear that he’s removed everything that reminds him of difficult times. Only 17 posts remain, and nobody has been able to find the identity of his ex. Matt’s age on the show is 28, but it’s unclear how old he is now. Matt and Colleen’s age gap is less than the other couples from the show.

Love Is Blind‘s Matt’s Relationship Status After Likely Break Up With Colleen

Are Colleen & Matt Still Together After Love Is Blind Season 3

Fans want to know if Colleen & Matt are still together after Love is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

The high-flying nice guy with a Matthew McConaughey voice has been burned before. Love Is Blind‘s Matt told Colleen his sad country-song-like story. His high school sweetheart cheated years into their marriage. Colleen had to know that Matt was not going to tolerate going through that experience twice.

Cole also was standing right there at the meet-the-exes party when the dudes were talking about potential problems. The fact that he would crumble if he put himself out there and got wronged again was a major topic of conversation. The Twitter discourse is overwhelmingly on his side, though that must be little comfort. It’d be a major surprise if Matt and Colleen even got married, much less stayed together.

Matt’s Facebook profile says he’s currently single.

It’s a real shame that Love is Blind season 3’s Matt was treated so badly by women. He’s got a lot going for him.

It’s very likely Matt is still eligible after Season 3. Hopefully the show does a good enough job of showing off his positive qualities for him to finally find love from the millions of viewers of Love is Blind. Judging by comments on his recent IG posts, there’s lots of ladies interested.

Love Is Blind's Matt With His Pet Dog

Love Is Blind‘s Matt with his pet Dachshund dog (Instagram).

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