Alone: What Happened To Nicole Apelian After Season 2 and 5?

Alone: What Happened To Nicole Apelian After Season 2 and 5?

The first and most prominent woman to participate in Alone, Dr. Nicole Apelian earned and then lost the fans. Leaving Alone Season 2 after 57 days because she missed her kids, she returned for the “reunion” all-stars Alone season 5. Shortly (nine days) into season 5, Nicole’s multiple sclerosis flared up and she was unable to walk. Medically evacuated before she had a chance to get going, fans became fascinated by her naturopathic cures and recovery. Then things began to change in a big way for Nicole when she and season 1 winner Alan Kay both split from their spouses, and now are partners. The fandom didn’t judge them too much for that, but then she was busted during Covid-19 for advocating unproven, sketchy medical treatments.

You can read the warnings she received from the FTC and the fan reactions here. It makes sense that some off-the-grid survivalists would reject traditional and established medicine, but her reputation took a hit amongst some fans regardless. She claims in this comment that her MS attack was triggered by a vaccine she received before the show. Now after the pandemic, the question is, what happened to Nicole Apelian after Alone?

What Happened To Nicole Apelian? Birthplace, Home, Website, Natural Cures, Survival Courses, Books, Tour Company

Alone cast member Larry Roberts with his wife and fellow Alone competitor Nicole Apelian

Alone cast member Larry Roberts with his wife and fellow Alone competitor Nicole Apelian (Instagram).

The Oregon native tells a bit of her story on her website. Nicole now lives in rural southwest Washington State with her family on a farm with four gardens. She describes herself as an “herbalist, biologist, anthropologist.” Nicole has managed her MS since 2000 and swears by her natural cures. If you want to see Nicole’s natural regimen, it’s here and way beyond our understanding. Nicole is the author of four books available on Amazon, including The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies and The Forager’s Guide To Wild FoodsThere’s also Wilderness Long-Term Survival Guide and The Holistic Guide To Wellness. (Show Star News makes an affiliate link commission from sales of links in this aricle.)

Nicole runs The Lost Remedies Academy, an online course where she can teach you what she knows.  In fact she has a range of courses and workshops that you can check out here. This article shows that she has spent time in Africa to study lions and live with Indigenous tribes there. She studied biology at the University of Oregon, and has earned her master’s in biology and a doctorate in anthropology. Nicole runs her own tour company, Eco Tours International and works with the Audubon Society of Portland.

Alan with his new partner Nicole Apelian, a competitor on Alone season 2

Former Alone stars Alan Kay and partner Nicole Apelian together (Instagram).

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At the age of 54, Nicole has two children, Quinn and Colton. Tragically, her other son Beau died in 2013. Despite her off the grid lifestyle Nicole is very active on Instagram with 117,000 followers. Every post seems to be focused on promoting her holistic products and health tips. She has also been in a movie, Solitude, with season 2 runner-up Larry Roberts. Like many people her age, Nicole is also very active on Facebook, where her page has 62,000 followers. Here we can find her birthday, as her 50th celebration was on November 19. This makes her a single-minded Scorpio. She also has a YouTube channel, with 26,000 followers, and a Twitter/X account with 4,300 followers.

Nicole is a focused businesswoman with a passion for living one with mother nature and all she has to offer and teach us.

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