Alone: What Happened To Alan Kay, Season 1 Winner?

Alone: What Happened To Alan Kay, Season 1 Winner?

Before Netflix dropped OutlastThe History Channel was pitting survivalists against one another on it’s intense reality TV show Alone. The show has wrapped up its 10th season and has brought Seasons 9 and 10 to Netflix recently. There are many similarities between Outlast and Alone: the winner lasts the longest in a harsh environment. People are eliminated when they “tap out”. However, everyone is on their own- no teams allowed, and everyone must film themselves on Alone. And most importantly, the winner takes home $1 million USD instead of splitting it. In the first season, however, the prize was just $500,000 and the winner was Alan Kay. Alan lasted 56 days in the wilderness of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, on a diet of limpets, seaweed, crabs and occasional slugs. He lost 46 pounds over 56 days. But what happened to Alan Kay after the show?

What Happened To Alan Kay? Age, Possible Divorce, New Partner, Hometown, YouTube, Convention Appearances, Endorsements

Alan with his new partner Nicole Apelian, a competitor on Alone season 2

Alan with his new partner Nicole Apelian, a competitor on Alone season 2 (Instagram).

Alan’s calm and philosophical approach to his situation was a major factor in his win. While other competitors were leaving because they were scared of wolves and bears, Alan kept his cool. But since 2015, when the show ended and Alan returned to a family, who didn’t seem to recognize him, Alan has kept a very low profile since the show. Alan, who was 40 on the show and is in his late forties today, divorced his wife. This remains unconfirmed, however, he’s appeared on Alone season 2 competitor Nicole Apelian’s IG and is also described as her partner in new reports. They also had their four children together in what appears to now be a blended family.

There’s also this article which refers to Alan and Nicole as “partners”. Alan, who hails from Blairsville, Georgia, does not appear to have a publicly available Instagram profile. He does, however, have a Facebook page although it hasn’t been updated in years.

Alan can also be found making appearances on a popular YouTube survivalist channel, Survival Dispatch. Alan usually appears alongside Jason Salyer from the ON Three survivalist YouTube channel. Together they do gear reviews, demonstrate food prep skills, and explain how to stash items. Alan isn’t above the occasional direct endorsement himself, as he apparently lent his name to LuminAid Packlights. He’s also appeared at Preppercon, the Salt Lake City, Utah, event which is exactly what it sounds like, alongside his apparent romantic partner Nicole Apelian.

What Happened To Alan Kay? Other Seasons, Narrator Job, Corrections Job, Documentary

Alan was so popular that he actually returned for several other seasons of Alone. However he wasn’t out in the bush again — he became the narrator for the show. He didn’t come back for the closest thing Alone had to an all-star season, Alone: Frozen, however. We also know that Alan’s day job is running his business Wildland Studies Group, and according to the Portland Tribune he worked for the Georgia Department of Corrections for eight years. He was also reportedly gathering footage of Portland’s homeless population to use in a documentary about their survival skills. However, beyond a Reddit thread that speculates that Alan was too committed to his prepper lifestyle for his marriage to last, there isn’t much other public information available about what happened to Alan after the show.

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