Too Hot To Handle’s Isaac: Age, Job, IG, Ethnicity, More

Too Hot To Handle’s Isaac: Age, Job, IG, Ethnicity, More

After establishing what seemed like a stable thing with Courtney Randolph, finance bro Isaac Francis took a hard turn on Too Hot To Handle season 5. New arrival Yazmin Marziali fulfilled Isaac’s criterion of “being a latina” and Courtney was dumped. Shortly afterwards, Courtney and the cast would see Isaac and Yazmin cuddling up to one another after their beach date. Her reaction was muted, to say the least, which was funnier than Isaac’s abrupt switch. Considering that Courtney had opened up about falling too fast at the “relationship seminar” just a little while ago, it’s hard to say whose reaction was more faked. Or was Isaac’s sudden uncontrollable desire to be with a latina a Too Hot To Handle producer’s suggestion? Let’s attempt to dig a little deeper and find out whether we can separate fact from fiction here. Let’s learn more about Too Hot To Handle’s Isaac. 

Too Hot To Handle‘s Isaac: Banker Job, Instagram, TikTok, Ethnicity, Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Nationality

Aspiring model Isaac from THTH season 5

Aspiring model Isaac from THTH season 5 (Instagram).

The first shady thing about Isaac (apart from the obvious) is that he’s a banker in training. Obviously you’re not going to be an established financial genius when you are in their early 20s like Isaac. But, bankers in training do not make anywhere close to what Courtney must be making as a real estate agent. If Courtney is the “boss [bleep]” she claims to be she likely would have sniffed this out about Isaac. Isaac is also bi-racial like his pact partner Louis Russell, as the UK and Jamaican flags appear on Isaac’s Instagram explaining his ethnicity. However, Isaac’s nationality appears to be American, as he lives in New Jersey.

Isaac ranks in the middle of the pack for THTH season 5 cast with the most Instagram followers.

However, Isaac’s totally uncontrived TikTok shows him getting spotted by a “fan” in a luxury sports car. So maybe he’s got a six-figure salary after all.


wait thats so sick #thth #toohotohandle

? original sound – isaacfrancis

Not only that, but while Louis has a touching tribute to his mom, Isaac has only one family focused post. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of his profile, you can see one pic from 2019 of his grandma. Commenter @_lavishlylyric said, “So you passed up some melanin for some plastic SMH.” Ouch! Expect this racial angle to get more focus as Isaac and Yazmin’s situationship develops. Isaac is one of the many aspiring models in the cast, and seems a lot more focused on bulking up in the gym as opposed to just getting toned.

Isaac’s birthday is on October 27, which makes his zodiac sign Scorpio, which explains his shrewd/ruthless side. Isaac’s 24 years-old.

Too Hot To Handle‘s Isaac: Relationship Status

On his IG, where he has a respectable 33, 800 followers, and on Isaac’s TikTok with a budding 12,700 followers, Isaac is aware of his villain status. One TikTok has the caption “seeing what I missed out on with courtney” and a crying emoji. What follows is a few pics of a little boy who might have been their future son as he grows up. Another TikTok says, “Yazmin chose you to go on a date” and “I’m not worried”. Looks like Isaac isn’t the only successful actor amongst the group, and Dre Woodard has some competition. It’s a nice change to see someone who doesn’t get upset when fans of a scripted show get mad for real.

Isaac more than likely hasn’t made it off the show with any real connections. Did he dump Yazmin, or was it mutual? We shall see. But he currently looks very single and just verified his Snapchat account.

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