Love Is Blind’s Jeramey Breaks Silence On Late Night With Sarah Ann & Laura Breakup

Love Is Blind's Jeramey Break Silence On Late Night With Sarah Ann & Laura Breakup

Reality TV star Jeramey Lutinski finally broke his silence after the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion aired on Wednesday, March 13. Jeramey released a series of Instagram stories the following day where he explained his late night rendezvous with now-girlfriend Sarah Ann and his breakup with ex fiancée Laura Dadisman. Love Is Blind’s Jeramey opened up more about what he talked about with Sarah Ann and how Laura and him broke up well before the lake retreat day aired on the show.

“First thing I’m going to start off with, I am sorry to Laura, specifically, about how things happened on this show. I’m not sorry about the final outcome, I think that’s where it needed to be, but things could’ve and should’ve been handled differently. And for that, I am sorry,” Jeramey said in the first of a series of twelve stories.

“We don’t speak, but this is all I can do at this point, is publicly acknowledge that.”

On the reunion, Laura — joining remotely on a video call — dragged Jeramey for meeting her family the same day he eventually abandoned her at night. He didn’t arrive home until 5 AM, claiming he was just talking with Sarah Ann. Laura, and other cast members, weren’t buying their story.

Jeramey added more context to why he was out so late. “I want to be clear. Nobody cheated that night… Here’s what happened in-depth. He then explained how he left at 10:45 PM to meet up with other castmates. He then learned they were no longer going to a karaoke bar, but instead to Lost And Found. Jeramey claims he didn’t know Sarah Ann was going to be there until the last minute. He said he decided to have the inevitable conversation with Sarah Ann because others were present.

Love Is Blind‘s Jeramey Opens Up About Late Night With Sarah Ann

Jeramey in on of his series of Instagram stories talking about his late night with Sarah Ann and breakup with Laura

Jeramey in on of his series of Instagram stories talking about his late night with Sarah Ann and breakup with Laura (Instagram).

“…Sarah approached me at one point pretty aggravated and I can understand why. After a little bit, we ended up talking and we were able to squash the stuff that happened in the pods, and that was that. She does fill me in on something else though. And this is what spurred the really late conversation that happened. Because I wasn’t comfortable with a lot of what was about to happen,” Jeramey added in his explanation.

“She asked me, like, ‘Hey, are you ready for this lake day thing?’ I don’t know anything about what she’s talking about. I knew something was coming up, but I was never filled in by production what was coming. So this is my first time hearing about this and it’s like 1:30 in the morning at this point,” Jeramey said.

He added that she then filled him in that they’d be meeting on camera for the first time “and obviously we both know it’s going to cause problems.”

“Sarah had already been a point of contention with my relationship with Laura. I mean, even that same day, we had met with her parents and Sarah somehow came up in those conversations. And I was like, you know what, there’s been enough about this aired out at this point. I’m not going to have this happen and it go to complete [bleep]. Hindsight is 20-20 on this obviously. But we’re going to squash this now. So we did hang back, and we went through all of the scenarios that could happen with this. And how things should be approached… and all these other things.”

Jeramey then insisted nothing happened at Sarah Ann’s apartment.

“This never happened at her apartment. It happened at that parking lot/alley, wherever the hell I had parked over at Lost and Found… So we finished talking about all the stuff that could go sideways… At no point in this conversation were Sarah and I talking about us being together or anything like that. I even acknowledged I’m going to catch so much hell when I get back to the house. I knew that. So after we got done talking, I asked her hey, how far away do you live? I’m not going to leave you in the parking lot. I’ll drop you off. She lived like eight minutes away. So yeah, I did drop her off. I never went into her place. Nothing ever happened with that.”

 Jeramey Claims His Breakup With Laura Happened Before The Lake Day On Love Is Blind Season 6

He also denied that he was caught by his Apple Watch because it had died earlier in the evening and he shared his location with his phone. “And yes I shared my location, because I wasn’t trying to hide anything at that point. Drop her off, I go back to the apartment. Laura had said, hey if you go out late, try not to wake me up… So I get back, I go lay on the couch. About 7 AM rolls around, I hear her rustling around upstairs. I go upstairs, tell her what happened, it obviously does not go well. Again, I tried to approach this with good intent of like hey, things are hashed out, here’s what’s coming up, let’s move on from this type of thing. What I didn’t take into account was her feelings towards that. And how it looked.”

Jeramey then explained that they had a first argument off camera and had to redo it for cameras.

“Now I got a lot of heat for coming off really cold during the argument we had had on camera. Well that was because this was the second time that we had to do this. It was already discussed, we had already had a big blowup over this.”

Apparently production showed up and demanded the redo their argument. Production then made Jeramey and Laura go to a dinner together a few days later.

“So we do go to a dinner, which none of this is shown, but we go to a dinner. She lays into me. Again, I totally get that. I was there for it, that’s fine. I tell her that I’m sorry there, I tell her that we’ll work through things. Did I come across great? Probably not. I was still frustrated about the whole thing, but it is what it is.”

Jeramey then says that Laura told him he should’ve been sending her flowers and do other things. He says that’s why he sent her flowers. “I just get mocked in return over text messages. So I’m doing what I’m asked, but it’s not working, so I don’t know what to do.”

Jeramey claims they stopped speaking after the dinner and broke up before the lake day.

“At this point we’re not speaking, it’s been three or four days, we’re leading into the lake day. And tensions are high. None of it’s gone well. It was just a mess at that point… I Should’ve just walked from the show at that point and moved on. And not done anything else.” The Love Is Blind season 6 star then denied packing up Laura’s stuff other than zipping up her one suitcase she still had there.

“We’d already been broken up. Again, we had to do it again on camera because for continuity purposes,” Jeramey added. “I should not have done the jet ski thing. That was a little bit of alcohol, a lot of frustration. It was a very poor judgment call at that point.”

Laura responded in her own Instagram story saying she will drop the receipts eventually that disprove Jeramey’s “umtrue” story. She also called him and Sarah Ann clowns on the reunion.

Laura's response to Jeramey's "untrue narrative" after she saw what he posted after the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion

Laura’s response to Jeramey’s “untrue narrative” after she saw what he posted after the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion (Instagram).

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