Below Deck: Captain Kerry Prepares Firing Jared On Season 11

Below Deck: Captain Kerry Prepares Firing Jared On Season 11

The latest preview for Below Deck season 11‘s episode 7, “Cat’s Out of the Bag,” shows Captain Kerry Titheradge angry after horrible Bosun Jared Woodin woke him up a second time due to him drunkenly yelling at deckhand Kyle Stillie. Episode 7 begins with Captain Kerry yelling in the crew mess, “I can hear you two decks up. I’m up. I’m trying to sleep… Pack this up. Hit the sack.” The Australian superyacht captain had absolute furor in his eyes. Then, Captain Kerry prepares firing Jared by doing an investigation the following morning.

“Not only am I getting woken up a second time, it’s threatening behavior I’m hearing. I’m hearing yelling and screaming. This is unacceptable on my boat.

At the end of episode 6, Jared flipped out on Kyle for leaving his tobacco and pipe up by the hot tub on superyacht St. David. However, his personal issues with not seeing his daughter and drinking his sorrows away likely caused the incident. Fans also suspect he was jealous that stewardess Barbie Pascual rebuffed his flirtations and lost interest, instead going for Kyle.

Regardless, Jared had another terrible performance on the latest docking, after many mishaps on the job, and again got extremely intoxicated on crew night out. Captain Kerry already told Jared to cut out the drinking as senior crew member, but he didn’t heed his boss’s warning.

“I can’t have people on deck who can’t tell me what’s going on,” Captain Kerry said after Jared messed up giving him instructions in episode 6.

Captain Kerry Prepares Firing Jared On Below Deck Season 11

Captain Kerry yelling at Jared and Kyle after they woke him up from his sleep

Captain Kerry yelling at Jared and Kyle after they woke him up from his sleep (Bravo).

In the end, Captain Kerry is fed up with Jared’s unreliability and drunken behavior. Three charters in, he’d had enough, especially with Jared waking him up repeatedly. Not only that, he threatened another crew member. Diehard fans will recall Captain Kerry fired deckhand Kyle Dickhard for threatening behavior on Below Deck Adventure.

In the first several minutes of Below Deck season 11’s episode 7, Captain Kerry interviewed Kyle and Barbie to find out what happened.

“Jared has a history of getting drunk and bad manners,” Captain Kerry said before interviewing Kyle. “I understand he’s gone through [beep], but I don’t have time for it.”

Then the show jumps from clips of Barbie and Kyle telling Titheradge what happened, including Jared barging into Barbie’s room.

“He was angrier than what he needed to be,” Kyle said.

“I think it was more of personal thing, you know what I mean? I think he was mad that Kyle was in my room,” Barbie said.

“I’m quickly running out of options with Jared. He’s made quite a few [bleep] ups. Jared’s released heavy equipment at the dock without permission. He’s made several mistakes in docking. And the alcohol doesn’t help at all. End of the day my primary responsibility is safety of the vessel and the crew,” Captain Kerry said. “And this guy is really creating a problem for me.”

Fourth Primary Charter Guest Lesley Gaudiosi and her friends have a photo of them with the crew. Replacement deckhand Dylan De Villiers is in the photo and Jared is noticeably absent. Furthermore, another clip from episode 7 shows Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby offering water sports to the guests, clearly taking over as the head of exterior. Jared’s time filming in Grenada finally came to an end after three rough charters on the show.

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