Love Is Blind: Dad Bartise Shows Off Baby Boy & Who’s The Mom?

Love Is Blind: Dad Bartise Shows Off Baby Boy & Who's The Mom?

We finally have a sort-of Love Is Blind and Perfect Match baby. Bartise Bowden, 27, posted a picture of himself cradling his baby son on his Instagram. As of now, the mother’s name is unconfirmed, but Bartise clearly calls his baby boy “Hayden”. Some Internet detectives have pointed to minor TikTok influencer and fellow Dallas native Liv Jean, in her early twenties, as Bartise’s baby’s mom. On Jean’s TikTok, obsessive fans identified a car seat as the same one in Bartise’s photo. The baby also looks exaclty like Bartise’s baby son in his pics. However, we’ll have to wait for confirmation.

Since the time of writing this article, Bartise showed the Love Is Blind fanbase his kid again on the late, not-live, season 4 reunion. He held his son Hayden while asking the married couples when they were planning to have a baby.

Fans unable to accept that Bartise is a dad noticed Bartise’s baby boy appears to be two to three months old. If that’s the case, that means that Bartise was filming Perfect Match not too longer after his son was conceived.

Dad Bartise watching Love is Blind season 4 with his newborn baby boy

Dad Bartise watching Love is Blind season 4 with his newborn baby boy (Instagram).

Bartise has announced his new arrival in typical Bartise fashion. The caption reads, “Might’ve been the villain on TV, but I’m gonna be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man. <3 #bigfella.” He also shared a video of him watching the PGA Masters alongside his baby son and told him he used to do that with his dad, too.

Bartise had also recently been shaded by Chrishell Stause from Selling Sunset, the original show to the spinoff featuring Bartise’s Perfect Match co-star Colony Reeves. Under a post where Bartise was quoted by E!News as saying, “Zaddy on screen to daddy in real life,” Chrishell said, “Who keeps lying to this man?”

Bartise celebrating St. Patrick's Day on March, 17, with his baby son Aiden

Bartise celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 with his baby son Hayden (Instagram).

Bartise’s Baby Son: Perfect Match & Love Is Blind Cast Support

Bartise spending time with his son

Bartise spending time with his son (Instagram).

Bartise has received support from his Netflix Reality-verse co-stars in addition to shade. Perfect Match co-star Diamond Jack posted, “OMG Congrats!” Damian Powers wrote, “This is a blessing my brother! Wishing you and the big fella all the happiness and love in the world!”

Fellow co-star Kariselle Snow was her usual outspoken self, writing, “Bartise being the first dad after Perfect Match was not on my bingo card.” Shayne Jansen posted, “Congrats big fella! You’re going to be a great father and you have a great support group behind you!”

Georgia Hassarati wrote, “Congratulations Bartise he’s beautiful.” Joey Sasso, Francesca Farago, Nick Uhlenhuth and even Ines Tazi (who experienced Bartise’s dubious charms firsthand) had similar kind words. Others, like Will Richardson, didn’t get the memo, saying “Bro what?? I legit found this out on IG.”

One person who did not support Bartise was Abbey Humphries, who some commenters speculated was the mother. Recall that Abbey knows what it feels like for Bartise to use her words against her during an argument on Perfect Match. 

Bartise’s Baby News: Terrible Responses

Bartise is a proud dad of his baby boy Aiden

Bartise is a proud dad of his baby boy Hayden (Instagram).

GFans are using their hatred of the man to write some all-timers on Bartise’s announcement post. IG account @waiting42morrow called out Bartise’s commitment phobia, saying, “Goes from not ready to commit to 18 years, she got you for 18 years.” IG account @mylasue_ helpfully spared a thought for Bartise’s Love Is Blind ex-fiancée Nancy Rodriguez, saying “Someone check on Nancy” with a skull emoji. There were quite a few comments referencing Bartise and his family’s pro-life views, with @dandre_stan saying, “Damn plan B failed but you at least kept your pro life stand lmao.”

Some contributions are just mean and in poor tasta, but probably still deserved. There’s @_jennatee asking the obvious question, “WHO letting this man hit raw !!????” User @thespanishchick brings up the race card and earns 2,302 likes with “Who’s [bleep] white baby is that?” And @no.just.amina takes a positive perspective. She says, “Ladies whenever you’re feeling down just remember you didn’t have a child with Bartise and god is on your side.”

In an IG story, Bartise teased that he might appear at an upcoming LIB live event. We’ll update you with details so you can meet Bartise and his new arrival if you so desire.

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