Perfect Match’s Kariselle: Sexy Beasts Star’s IG, Job, Life & More

Perfect Match's Kariselle: Sexy Beasts Star's IG, Job, Life & More

Perfect Match‘s Kariselle Snow is a hot mess and she knows it. This is the third time that she and her star-crossed lover boyfreind(?) Joey Sasso are giving it a try. And they’re doing it for our entertainment. What makes Kariselle a fan favorite is that she has no patience for the back-stabbing antics. She would probably leave Joey standing alone if one of the other guys gave her attention. However, she’s honest about only doing it to make Joey jealous. She’s aware of her faults and Joey’s, but she genuinely wants him to try harder for her. It’s somehow endearing, and made better by the fact that she doesn’t seem to have a malicious bone in her body. She’s also very friendly to the other women and doesn’t judge them to their faces, even when they are being extremely shady. That said, her unfiltered confessionals are always a highlight.

While you probably wouldn’t trust Kariselle to do your taxes, there’s no doubting the kindness of her heart. A fearlessly bisexual LGBTQ+ advocate and proud pageant winner, Kariselle is also a singer, cheerleader, cosplayer, and world traveler. The former Miss New Jersey was obviously the cast standout on Sexy Beasts as her in-your-face personality shone through even behind a panda mask. She maintains good relations with her onscreen boyfriend Tyler Smith from that show, but distance and the pandemic drove the two apart. In this respect, she has a lot in common with her Perfect Match partner Joey. She seems to hold no real ill will towards past romantic partners, including Joey himself. And, Kariselle’s mom even joins her for a TikTok, similar to how Joey’s Mama participates in his Instagram posts. Maybe these two really are a Perfect Match for one another? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Kariselle winning the Miss New Jersey beauty pageant

Kariselle winning the Miss New Jersey beauty pageant (Instagram).

Perfect Match‘s Kariselle: Her TikTok & IG Influencer Life & Job As Cheerleader & Musician

Sexy Beasts star Kariselle talking about her breakup with her ex boyfriend and co-star Tyler

Sexy Beasts star Kariselle talking about her breakup with her ex boyfriend and co-star Tyler (Instagram).

Kariselle is absolutely up for anything, which is what makes her so fun to watch. She’ll post about her past same-sex relationships on TikTok, or post on Instagram where she reveals her friendship to drama queen and Perfect Match co-star Francesca Farago. But don’t cross her or else you’ll live to regret it, like her one girlfriend who she discovered was still messaging her ex. Kariselle walked out immediately after taping a message to the mirror. Brutal, but definitely justified! Kariselle also knows herself very well and will unapologetically post about her tendency to self-sabotage and go back to exes. It’s clear that Kariselle has learned much from her idol, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.

Kariselle is an aspiring musician, influencer, model and cheerleader for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens.

Kariselle in her Baltimore Ravens cheerleading uniform

Kariselle in her Baltimore Ravens cheerleading uniform (Instagram).

Perfect Match‘s Kariselle: Birthday, Age, Relationship With Joey & More

Kariselle Snow dressed up for a night out with Perfect Match co-stars in LA

Kariselle Snow dressed up for a night out with Perfect Match co-stars in LA (Instagram).

You’ll notice an interesting age difference between Kariselle and Joey, she’s actually a couple years younger than he is. She turned age 27 on Dec. 19th last year. Kariselle’s birthday makes her a Sagittarius, which explains her fun adventurous side.

And, you can also see that Kariselle doesn’t discriminate when it comes to partners, as she’s still friends with nerdy Josh from Sexy Beasts. She might even regret not choosing “the hot nerd with health insurance.” In the charged atmosphere of Perfect Match, this could be the one downfall of her and Joey. She did seem to want to leap quickly into bad boy Chase DeMoor’s arms, but Chase was only interested briefly. If Joey annoys her enough, she could quickly partner up with someone else. Are we ready for a same-sex hookup on Perfect Match? Is that even against the rules? Someone like Kariselle, who’s never let anything hold her back, could make it happen.

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