Below Deck: Chief Stew Heather Wears ‘Stud’ Charter Guest Todd’s Swag

It looks like Below Deck season 9 Chief Stew Heather Chase might have a bit of a crush on the personal trainer charter guest, Todd Weiss, from episode 5. Heather posted an Instagram story wearing a sweatshirt with the logo “Todd Weiss Fitness” while all done up.

She captioned the Instagram story with: “Yall remember that stud from this week’s episode?”

Further down she added, “The best swag from the best trainer.”

Who is Charter Guest Todd Weiss?

The ‘stud’ she’s referring to in her IG story is Todd Weiss, the son of co-primary charter guest Ronnie Weiss and his wife Jodi Weiss, the one who was aggressively hitting on Captain Lee at dinner last episode.

Per the charter guests’ bio sheet on the show: “Co-primary Ronnie is a self-made real estate entrepreneur and will be celebrating his milestone 75th birthday while on board. Ronnie is joined by his wife Jodi and their 24 year-old son Todd, a former pro baseball player turned fitness instructor, he is also Stacie’s personal trainer.”

Todd Weiss post-workout talking to Chef Rachel Hargrove who commented on how good the charter guest and personal trainer looked (Screenshot, Bravo).

Crew Members Think Todd Is Hot

Heather wasn’t the only one to think Todd’s a stud. Chef Rachel Hargrove got distracted while making breakfast and Todd came in shirtless after a workout. Although she says she prefers short bald men, apparently.

Whether or not Heather was attracted to Todd while on the My Seanna, like Todd’s mom Jodi was attracted to Captain Lee, remains to be seen. But episode 6 airing next Monday at 9 pm ET on Bravo should fill in details. At the very least, there’s a “totally ’80s dance fitness party” happening. Heather posted her and the rest of the crew joining in to celebrate Todd’s dad Ronnie’s 75th birthday.

Below Deck fans wanting fitness tips from the “best personal trainer” can follow Todd’s daily fitness tips on Instagram.

One of Todd’s clients is Stacie. She’s the other co-primary charter guest Jeremy Morton’s wife. Jeremy is good friends with Todd’s dad, Ronnie, a self-described “tan-o-rexic”. Apparently from last episode his mom Jodi also asks him for fitness tips.

Below Deck charter guest Jodi Weiss asking her son and fitness instructor Todd for help in her workout (Screenshot, Bravo).

Who will Chief Stewardess Jessica Chase end up flirting with more? Todd Weiss? Or First Officer Eddie Lucas? Or sexy-moustache-wearing Jake Foulger as previews suggest? Let us know in the comments!

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