Below Deck: Hannah Ferrier Calls Out Fraser Losing Radio As Fake

Below Deck Mediterranean original chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier is alleging a fake storyline in Below Deck season 9, episode 5. According to Hannah, 2nd stew Fraser Olender didn’t actually lose his radio. On Twitter, Hannah tweeted a screenshot of where Fraser cursing that he lost his radio and looking everywhere for it. Meanwhile in the one scene you can see the radio clearly attached to the waste of his pants.

Is Hannah Still Upset About Her Firing?

It looks like Hannah Ferrier is done playing nice with the Below Deck production team and crew members after she was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn for taking prescribed Valium to treat her anxiety, something she apparently wasn’t hiding, but that bosun Malia White found out and ratted on her to Captain Sandy.

Second stew Fraser Olender was quick to come to his defense and explained that he was actually borrowing Jessica’s radio while he and Chief Stewardess Heather Chase scoured the My Seanna to find his lost walkie-talkie.

Do Not Let Down Captain Lee

The much-beloved Captain Lee made a special note to crew members at the start of season 9 to make sure they did not lose their radios. So when Fraser apparently discovered he lost his, he panicked to find it before Captain Lee found out.

Maybe All A Misunderstanding

It appears Hannah is still a bit of a disgruntled ex-employee, or perhaps she is just sensitive to selective editing and fabricating by Bravo’s Below Deck show production after her portrayal in her final season on the show. It notoriously hard to tell what is reality and what’s not on reality TV shows like Below Deck.

That being noted, an experienced crew member on the show like Hannah Ferrier would know whether or not storylines are fabricated. It also was a bit odd where Fraser ended up finding his radio, in a floor storage cubby. But with Heather Chase ordering Fraser to be head of cleaning rooms and making drinks, he’s aptly described his job as being like a “chicken with its head cut off” it’s not surprising he would lose his radio. Some fans bought Fraser’s explanation.

While other fans said they noticed that too and believe it was his. What do you think, was Fraser’s lost radio a real story or a fake? Leave a comment!

Despite Hannah Ferrier’s sudden firing and exit from the show, she’s definitely enjoying her new life as a mom.

Below Deck season 9 airs on Bravo at 9 pm ET Mondays.

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