Below Deck Sailing Yacht Throuple’s Nic Claps Back At Fans

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Throuple's Nic Claps Back At Fans

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s gay throuple Nic Grana, Brad Jacobson, and Randy “Ray” Murry appalled fans with their behavior aboard Parsifal III. The throuple — alongside Primary Charter Guest Todd Cameron, his boyfriend Grant Foreman and mom Debra Nicholson Marcellus — drank excessively on the first day on the sailing superyacht. They then argued loudly in their cabin. Ray verbally fought with Grant at dinner, egging on Todd’s mom judging people’s public appearance. Well, Below Deck Sailing Yacht throuple’s Nic wasn’t having it when fans attacked the group of charter guests online.

Fans on Twitter and Reddit wasted no time calling out BDSY season 4’s finale charter guests for leaving their cabin room a revolting mess. Poor stewardess Lucy Edmunds was left cleaning up bloody towels, vomit in a sink, and flushing a soiled toilet.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Throuple’s Nic Defends Low Tip & Disgusting Room

“The throuple guests were nasty with how they trashed the room,” said one fan on Reddit.

“It was the throuple who appeared to be judgy/catty/obnoxious when drunk (Ray in particular, but also Brad who who was being catty about larger people for no reason),” another added.

“Barf in the sink and [bleep] in the unflushed toilet. Then left a [bleep] tip. Zero class,” one emboldened fan commented on Nic’s Instagram post with pictures his yacht trip.

Throuple's Nic and Ray with the crew on BDSY season 4

Throuple’s Nic and Ray with the crew on BDSY season 4 (Instagram).

Nic wasn’t having it and responded to the attack. “1) Not our toilet was another guest 2) I cleaned the sink out all she did was wipe it down which is her job 3) Most people make [$17,000] in a year … they got it in 3 days.”

Grant disputes the claim the unflushed toilet was him and Primary Todd. “That was the throuple who puked and left crap for the poor crew let’s just be clear ha! We loved the crew they really gave us an amazing experience and were so professional even in the face of such madness.”

“Read the room. You’re gross and shouldn’t be proud of your behavior or your [bleep] tip,” another fan chimed in.

Others called the charter guests “absolute pigs”.

“Sad but true. A full time minimum wage worker in Texas working 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, will earn $58.00 per day, $290.00 per week, and $15,080.00 per year,” Nic added to his original comment.

Since the show aired it appears married couple Brad and Ray split and possibly divorced. On the show, Brad confided to Todd’s mom about not having a prenup. Now Ray and Nic live on a Texas ranch together with longhorn bulls and zebras. They also run a men’s cosmetic business together called Innate Men Cosmetics.

Meanwhile, Randy’s stayed mum since the finale episodes aired showing him getting wasted and aggressively belligerent with Captain Glenn Shephard. The Canadian captain was very close to kicking Ray off the charter. The throuple got a hold of themselves on the second day of charter. Ray apologized for his drunken shenanigans.

The $17,500 tip was the lowest tip from the all the tips given out on BDSY season 4, except for a $13,000 tip given by a group who only stayed one night.

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