All Below Deck Med Season 8 Charter Guests And Tips

All Below Deck Med Season 8 Charter Guests And Tips

Below Deck Med season 8 charter guests on the first few trips weren’t all that memorable, especially because crew drama and Natalya Scudder‘s issues with her open relationship with her boyfriend AJ took most of the spotlight. That and short-lived Bosun Ruan Irving after he provided fake yachtie credentials and his best friend growing up died. Despite things starting off on the wrong foot, Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew made great tips right out of the gate. So, let’s take a look at all Below Deck Med season 8 charter guests and how much in tips they gave the crew when filming in the summer of 2022.

Although cast members get paid a salary and Bravo pay, too, tips still add a lot to their income during a charter season. We’ll also added up how much the Below Deck Med season 8 crew made in total tip money working on superyacht Mustique in stunning Genoa, Italy. Also, we’ll compare that to how much previous crews have made in tip money.

All Below Deck Med Season 8 Charter Guests: Dr. Kian Karimi & Friends

Who's Dr Kian Karimi, Charter Guest On Below Deck Med S8

Dr. Kian Karimi and his friends were the first group of charter guests on Below Deck Med season 8. Second Stew Kyle Viljoen and Chief Stewardess Tumi Mhlongo couldn’t make it on time for the first charter due to delayed work visas. But Natasha, Jessika Asai and temp stewardess Brooke Boney stepped up to the challenge. With Ruan bailing after getting caught with fake documents, Luka Brunton stepped up to work as the bosun.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Karimi, who’s personal friends with Captain Sandy since performing surgery on her eyelid and is based in LA, had a great time on the show with his friends. Some of them did get seasick however, but overall, they really enjoyed themselves. They also raved about Chef Jack Luby’s food, minus his breakfast eggs. They ended up tipping $20,000 USD or $1,818 per crew member (including the hidden crew members on the show).

Below Deck Med Season 8 Primary Charter Guest Mecca Moore Henson & Friends

Mecca Moore-Henson and friends at dinner on Below Deck Med season 8

Mecca Moore-Henson and friends at dinner on Below Deck Med season 8 (Bravo).

Second Primary Charter Guest Mecca Moore-Henson was joined by her husband Antoine, along with friends, including hair salon and vineyard entrepreneur Karen Mitchell, public figure Joi Mebane, orthodontist and inventor Dr. Bobbi (who also pitched on Shark Tank recently), attorney Samantha Simms, cosmetic dentist Jonelle Cox, and entrepreneur and author Adjua Styles. Mecca’s husband and girl friends had a great time using the slide. Mecca is the New York- based founder and publisher of lifestyle magazine Pynk.

Mecca and her group of charter guests handsomely rewarded the crew, giving them a big fat tip of $26,000, or $2,000 per crew member.

Returning Primary Charter Guest Roy Orbison Jr, Family & Jackass Friend

Roy Jr with his wife and kids on the bridge with Captain Sandy

Roy Jr with his wife and kids on the bridge with Captain Sandy (Instagram).

Roy Orbison Jr, the son of famous singer Roy Orbison (the singer behind major 1960s hit Oh, Pretty Woman) brought his wife Asa, their kids (sons Bo and Roy III, and newborn daughter Love), and his good friend Danger Ehren McGhehey, one of the stuntman from Jackass.

“If I know we’re going to start filming a movie, I’m preparing myself to die for six months before,” Ehren told Captain Sandy at dinner. He also shared on the show how he ruptured a testicle in making Jackass Forever. Surprisingly, Roy and the rest of the adult guests behaved this time around. Roy Jr previously appeared on Below Deck Med twice before. The last time he chartered a superyacht with Captain Sandy he and other guests got extremely intoxicated despite being on a family vacation with the kids. This time around, no one drank much and the kids got to go on a fun pirate treasure hunt set up by Natalya. They were also impressed with Chef Jack’s culinary skills.

The crew’s hard work paid off. Roy Jr and other charter guests tipped $28,000, which translated to $2,300 per cast member. Apparently Roy Jr is doing well, considering it costs $40,000 without tip to rent a Below Deck superyacht for a two-night trip.

All Below Deck Med Season 8 Charter Guests: Primary Amanda Britt

Below Deck Med: Who's Charter Guest Amanda Britt & Girl Friends

Primary Charter Guest Amanda Britt and her gaggle of girl friends livened things up on the boat in episodes seven and eight. Based in Atlantic Beach, Florida, Amanda owns her own event space and party business. Amanda and her girl friends Liza Ballinger, Sonali Karunaratne, Leni, Sasha, Caroline Crouch and Delaney Futch all had a blast flirting with the crew, enjoying the slide, Chef Jack’s amazing food, and drinking.

Sonali, Amanda and other ladies on the charter

Sonali, Amanda and other ladies on the fourth charter (Instagram).

The ladies ended up tipping the crew $20,000, which translates to $1,667 per crew member. However, Lead Deckhand Lara Dupreez and deckhand Max Salvador got an added bonus when they kissed some of the charter guests out at the club.

Although Max thought he was in love with Leni, the two didn’t end up together.

Fifth Primary Charter Guest Tonia DeCosimo & Girlfriends Were Easy One-Night Group

Who's Tonia On Below Deck Med S8 & Other Charter Guests

Magazine owner, editor and Primary Charter Guest Tonia DeCosimo brought on a group of high-achieving women to enjoy setting sail in Italy. She brought along her girl friends Dr. Kara Maldonado, Marcie Manfredonia, Victoria Wieck, Dr. Kelly Mattone, Tsviya Thau, and Kathy Sempecos. This group of charter guests were super easy for the crew to handle. They also tipped great for only staying one night on the superyacht. The crew made a sweet $18,000, $1,500 per crew member.

Primary Charter Guest Michael & Other Charter Guests Were Stuck With Rude Amish On Below Deck Med Season 8

Below Deck Med Fans Drag Rude Charter Guest Amish On Season 8

Rude charter guest and dentist Amish Patel stole the show on the sixth charter. He got so drunk he ended up walking around with his underwear still stuck to his foot and ended up barging into crew members’ cabins when they were trying to sleep and changing. He was misbehaved Captain Sandy Yawn threatened to kick him off the boat to Primary Charter Guest Michael Stevens. We’ll have to wait and see if Amish became more behaved after his drunken first night aboard, barking at crew members and making a fool of himself.

Amish droves fans nuts after barged into the cabins of the crew members late at night looking for the hot tub. He also dropped his drink after stumbling around alone. Captain Sandy threatened to kick him off the boat if his drunken antics continued.

Even though Amish was a pain in the butt, the charter paid off. The crew received a $23,000 tip, or $1,700 per person.

Returning Primary Charter Guest Billy Rodriguez, Fiancé Chris & Friends From Below Deck Med Season 7

Below Deck Med: Who's Billy Rodriguez & Fiancé Chris, Charter Guests

Below Deck Med season 7 Primary Charter Guest Billy Rodriguez and his partner Chis Robin got a do-over charter this season. The previous charter season they were thoroughly disappointed by Bosun Raygan Tyler‘s unprofessionalism (she ended up being added to the long list of fired Below Deck crew members). They also dealt with two deckhands and the water slide missing stuck in customs and the disarray of Chief Stewardess Natasha Webb‘s interior team.

This time around they expected perfection from Chef Jack Luby, similar to the best foods from Chef Dave White. They got a Brazilian barbecue inspired dinner and a big gay breakfast. They also got a glitter dance party and Brazilian dancers provided by Chief Stewardess Tumi Mhlongo’s interior team. Although they harped about the breakfast not being fancy enough, Chef Jack overall delivered despite the complaining. He and the rest of the crew earned the biggest tip of the season: $32,000! They were also down a crew member, missing deckhand Haleigh Gorman. Also, Kyle missed part of the charter due to his headaches, but of course he still took his share of the tip. Split between 11 crew members equals $2,909 per cast member.

Finale Charter Guests Dr. Victor & Girlfriend Laurah

Below Deck Med: Who's Victor And Girlfriend Laurah, Charter Guests On Season 8

The final group of charter guests was headed by neurosurgeon Dr. Victor Awuor and his girlfriend, Columbus, Ohio, realtor Laurah Hallock. Sadly the sea swells were out of control, so they couldn’t take the guests sailing. Instead, Captain Sandy had some of the crew take the guests around the harbor and replacement stewardess Lily Davison entertained them with games. The second day, some of the crew took them to see Portofino by car. Noteworthy married couple Jeff and Stephanie bitterly bickered throughout the trip, with each of them lashing out at one another. Many fans thought the two needed to get a divorce.

Between being stuck at the dock and the tense arguing, the crew didn’t expect a big tip. In the end, they received $15,000 or $1,153 per person.

After eight charters the cast made $182,000 in tip money or a total or $14,279 per crew member who was on every charter.

Compared to Below Deck Down Under season 2’s tip total after nine charters — a total of $13,700 per crew member — Below Deck Med season 8’s crew did very well for themselves. However, Below Deck Med season 7’s crew made a lot more, each cast member taking home just under $17,000 per person. However, BDSY season 4’s tip total and Below Deck season 10’s tip total both surpassed even that, at $21,455 and $17,000 respectively. So, in perspective, Below Deck Med season 8 didn’t just suck for lots of viewers, but also the tip money wasn’t very good, either. Thankfully Below Deck cast members make money from a Bravo stipend and their yacht salary, too.

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